JacoBus Challenge: The winners of 2012

The JacoBus winning poster (Bremen Kommt special prize).

Three teams with students coming from six different universities have won the 2012 edition of JacoBus Challenge business plan competition, which took place on April 27 and 28 at Jacobs University.

April 30, 2012

The winners were chosen out of seven finalist teams who presented business solutions focusing on the topic of “Energy and Environment” to a jury panel of entrepreneurs and researchers.

"We chose Energy and Environment as this year’s topic because it is widely discussed at the moment. It is also one of the prominent research fields of Jacobs University. We wanted to encourage young people to find creative solutions to environmental problems,” says Mihaela-Andreea Voicescu (21), project manager of JacoBus and president of Jacobs University’s Business Entrepreneurship and Management Society (BEaMS).

The winners of the JacoBus Challenge 2012:

GTBiomeScilt Award
The GTBiomeScilt Award endowed with €3000 went to the team “StockedApp": Dominique Tan, Alexandru Dumitrescu, Maciej Lukasz Kumorek and Marie Christa Mpundu. The four Computer Science majors from the University of Bristol (UK) convinced the jury panel with their idea of a fridge app that keeps track of the expiry dates of fresh products. Their app provides customers with reminders to use expiring food, as well as tailored offers from supermarkets.

Zernike Group Award
The Zernike Award of €2000, sponsored by the Dutch-based company, was handed to "Sigma Electronics Systems", a diverse team in terms of home universities and fields of study: Roman Gensch (Computer Science, RWTH Aachen), Klaus Rehal (Business Administration, University of Mannheim), Deniz Sarikaya (Mathematics and Philosophy, University of Hamburg) and Philip Witkowski (Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg). Their company aims to develop non-profit open source software that allows its users to use their obsolete computer resources of so-called fat clients as thin clients (as an interface of central server-based systems). This would enable poorer regions to be part of the globalized world of information.

Diersch&Schröder Award
The Diersch&Schröder Award of €3000 went to the team "BIO-Char". Jacobs Global Economics and Management undergraduates Anna Zorina, Levan Kiziria and Giorgi Ketiladze want to turn biological masses into bio fertilizers with the help of a new technological process. Their fertilizer, they claim, reduces costs while being more environmentally friendly. It is also very efficient as it can improve productivity by 140% when combined with two other fertilizers.

Bremen Kommt special prizes sponsored by Abeking & Rasmussen
Similar to last year, creativity was once again rewarded at JacoBus. A prize of €500 went to “The Comma Group” for the best poster. The team members are Jacobs undergraduates Ming-Tse Chen, Victor Maertens and Zekarias Assefa. The British “StockedApp" team was also awarded the best elevator pitch prize of €500 for the following video:


The winners received their prizes in front of more than 100 guests who had gathered in Jacobs University’s East Wing on Saturday. They have passed two online rounds and successfully argued for their projects in front of a panel of renowned professors, industry representatives, potential entrepreneurs and the general public.

The JacoBus Challenge is an annual business competition organized by BEaMS. The diverse participants involved in the competition and the organization, the central theme of debate and the expected implementation of the business ideas reflect the transdisciplinary orientation and innovative vision of Jacobs University and its partners.

Members of the JacoBus Challenge Final Event jury panel 2012:

 Mr. Jan Christiansen  Diersch & Schröder Group
 Mr. Martin Hockemeyer  Gebrüder Thiele Group
 Drs. Gerty Holla  Zernike Group
 Mr. Hans-August Kruse  Bremen Kommt
 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-D. Kunze  Former Director "Fraunhofer Institut Fertigungstechnik, Materialforschung (IFAM)"
 Prof. Dr. Christoph Lattemann  Jacobs University Bremen
 Prof. Dr. Guido Möllering  Jacobs University Bremen
 Dr. Michael Wagener  IWB Bremen
 Prof. Dr. Welf Werner  Jacobs University Bremen
 Dr. Alexander Ziegler-Jöns  Jacobs University Bremen

For more information on the JacoBus Challenge please visit www.jacobus-challenge.com.