Jacobs Entrance Scholarships

Jacobs Entrance Scholarships

For Undergraduate Students

Jacobs University Bremen awards generous partial scholarships to motivated, socially engaged, excellent academic performers from around the globe who are outstanding representatives of the following world regions:

World Regions - Recommended for Early Decision, Early Action & Early Action II
Africa Asia and Oceania Latin America and the Caribbean North America Europe -
For Germans in Rolling Admission

How does one apply for a Jacobs Entrance Scholarship? All admitted freshman applicants who answered the Scholarship question in our supplement of the common application with a yes, will automatically be considered for a merit-based scholarships.
There is no score cut-off or GPA requirement needed to attain a scholarship. However, additional tests such as either the ACT or SAT might increase your chances. The Admissions Committee that determines Jacobs scholarships examines all application components, from recommendation letters, essays, application presentation to grades and scores. Jacobs is also taking into consideration cultural background - a key feature that makes Jacobs such a special institution. Naturally, better scores, grades and overall presentation will improve one’s chances of acquiring a scholarship.
If you are interested in being considered for a general Jacobs Scholarship, we recommend that you apply as early as possible during our admission season. November 1st, December 1st and February 1st are our priority deadlines. We have one final deadline on June 1st. Applying in this round, however, is not recommended for non-EU citizens, especially because of the limited time required to obtain a visa. All candidates compete with other applicants within each round of admission.
What do the Jacobs Entrance Scholarships cover? Depending on the quality of our application pool, we offer partial tuition scholarships.
Jacobs Entrance Scholarships may be renewed for all three years of the undergraduate program. For renewal a minimum grade point average (GPA) has to be maintained.
Based on admission rates in the past few years, approximately 40% of the admitted candidates had a chance of obtaining a Jacobs Entrance Scholarship. Further aid is possible through our financial aid packages.
It is advisable to also apply for financial aid. Our institutional financial aid packages can help cover the remaining costs for tuition, room and board. The financial aid offers will remain valid and only will be recalculated should an additional scholarship be offered. Please note that if you do receive funding from an external source that is not listed in your financial aid package, you must notify the Office of Student Financial Services. This funding may retroactively alter and/or replace any aspect of your financial aid package. Please do not hesitate to contact our main admissions office, if you have any questions about the above listed scholarship.

Important: please also see the Jacobs University Scholarship Policy by clicking here (valid for all freshmen as of fall 2014).