Center for Advanced Systems Engineering (CASE)

Center for Advanced Systems Engineering (CASE)

The Center for Advanced Systems Engineering (CASE) contributes world-class, leading-edge, field-tested innovation in the domain of information, communication, and systems technology. Research and development is performed in close collaboration with industrial and research partners locally, nationally, and worldwide. CASE combines earth sciences, computer science, communication science, and logistic science grouped into three main pillars:

Thereby, the center provides scientific and technological solutions enabling industry, authorities, and society to better master global challenges.

For Industry:

CASE has a strong record of industry-oriented R&D; its members are familiar with industry procedures, including quality management and state of the art HW/SW development techniques. Our technology portfolio spans a broad range of domains in business, industry, earth & space science, and life science.

For Researchers:

Bringing ends together is a specific strength of CASE. With each research group leader being a leading contributor in the domain, CASE achieves a strong coupling between relevant domains. See our projects for details.

For Students:

Our graduate programs offer an education to excel in both industrial and academic careers. Students are involved early in research pro­jects and international collabor­ations, including options for project partner visits and industry intern­ships (list of high­lights).