Kantine Friseur

Located in the former barbershop, the "Friseur" is open daily for your convenience. They provide a wide range of hot and cold food, sandwiches, snacks, beverages, and confectionery to faculty, staff, students and visitors, to either eat in or take away. Come on in and enjoy our weekly menu!

You can now also find our menu on the Jacobs mobile site m.jacobs-university.de/eat

We are here for you Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 18:00
Phone: +(49 421) 200 4855, Email: iub-friseur@web.de


Menu September 15-19, 2014

Montag / Monday
Stamm: Hähnchen – Nudel – Gratin 4,50€
Main: Chicken pasta gratin €4.50
Vegetarisch: Pasta Napoli mit Spiegelei 3,80€
Vegetarian: Pasta Napoli with fried egg €3.80

Dienstag / Tuesday
Stamm: Schnitzel Holstein mit Kartoffel-Püree und Gemüse 4,95 €
Main: Escalope 'Holstein' with potato mash and vegetables €4.95
Vegetarisch: Rosenkohl – Kartoffelgratin 4,00 €
Vegetarian: Brussels sprouts potato gratin €4.00

Mittwoch / Wednesday

Stamm: Erbsensuppe 4,20 €
Main: Pea soup €4.20
Vegetarisch: Frische Gemüsesuppe 3,95 €
Vegetarian: Fresh vegetable soup €3.95

Donnerstag / Thursday

Stamm: Kasseler mit Rotkohl und Salzkartoffeln 4,95 €
Main: Ham roast with red cabbage and potatoes €4.95
Vegetarisch: Camembert mit Pommes und Salat 3,95 €
Vegetarian: Camembert with chips and salad €3.95

Freitag / Friday
Stamm: ½ Hähnchen mit Pommes 4,95€
Main: ½ roast chicken with chips €4.95
Vegetarisch: Cous-Cous Pfanne 3,95€
Vegetarian: Cous cous stirf fry €3.95