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Historical transformations, new literary, visual, and cultural dynamics in modern periods furnish the central themes around which the Humanities Research Center is built. We share the conviction that key concepts in the humanities are decisive in constituting as well as explaining the meaning and scope of our time. They are at the very heart of attempts by individuals and societies to describe and interpret the physical and metaphorical territories of new forms of existence. The humanities seek to understand such conceptual mappings within a broader context of cultural continuity and discontinuity. This strategy is best enacted by joining forces within the humanities and building bridges of trans-disciplinary understanding.

Our research agenda combines theoretical and empirical approaches from literary, media, and art studies, linguistics, religion, philosophy, history, the sociology of culture, digital humanities and network media, constitutional law and human rights, informatics, and global economics. A major focus is on cultural orientation and the ways in which individuals and groups have been guided by values and symbols. This theme comprehends an extraordinarily wide range of interdisciplinary topics and allows for the development of insights drawn from the distinctive methods of the different disciplines involved.

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