Green EFFORTS, stands for Green and Effective Operations at Terminals and in Ports, is a collaborative research project, co-funded by the European Commissions under the Seventh Framework Programme with a total budget of € 2 million, aiming at reduction of emissions by decreasing of energyconsumption and improving use of a cleaner energy mix in terminals and ports.

The green EFFORTS project, started 1st January 2012 to be concluded 30th June 2014, coordinates by the Maritime Logistics Workgroup at Jacobs University Bremen. Eight partners are involved collaboratively in the project - Port of Trelleborg (RoRo Terminal), Sächsische Binnenhafen Oberelbe (Inland Waterway Terminal), Siemens, IHS Global Insight, Hamburg Port Training Institute, Fraunhofer Centre for Maritime Logistics and Services, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Jacobs University Bremen.

 The project will contribute to greener energy management in ports and at terminals by developing a well-coordinated and balanced set of technical, operational and attitude-oriented measures. To achieve these goals, energy saving alone is not sufficient and must be supplemented by external supply of regenerative energy, recuperation and regenerative energy production on site, exploitation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) or other gasses, and shore-based power. Comprehensive and intelligence management of energy consumption and supply by local smart grid will play an important role to reduce the carbon footprint of operations without impairing productivity while in the same time reducing the energy costs of ports and terminals.

It is also of utmost importance to increase the awareness of energy consumption and its environmental and economic effects and to increase motivation to use energy more knowledgeable and responsibly, therefore the green EFFORTS project will develop an implementation strategy supported by training and incentives programs.

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