Welcome to MoLife!

This program is ending; application is no longer possible.

MoLife (Molecular Life Science) is an English-language MSc and PhD program at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany.

The science:

Molecular Life Science explores the functional details of life itself - either in the laboratory or with a computer. 

  • How do cells control gene expression and react to their environment?
  • How do cells function in the context of an organism?
  • How do molecular machines function in live cells?
  • How is it all regulated?
  • And how can we use this knowledge to make better drugs and products?

At Jacobs, we pursue such questions with interdisciplinary approaches.
The MoLife program is unique because it integrates research groups from five specialization areas:

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology – exploring the function of cells by microscopy and biochemistry
  • Computational Biology – exploring life by modelling molecules or processes on the computer
  • Molecular Biotechnology – finding new ways to make biological products
  • Molecular Biophysics – exploring the function of biomolecules with the methods of physics
  • Molecular Genetics – studying how the processes of life are regulated 

MoLife Students choose two of these specialization areas and are free to explore others, too.

The program:

  • MoLife leads to the MSc degree in two academic years. You can transfer directly to PhD student status after 1.5 academic years if you find a PhD supervisor among MoLife faculty.
  • There is a wide range of taught lectures to deepen your knowledge in your chosen areas, or to broaden your base towards a new field.
  • There are seminars with presentations of papers and original research (for example: your own).
  • But most importantly, there are three long laboratory rotations (3 months each) and the MSc thesis – a lot of real hands-on research work.
  • Follow this link to learn about the courses offered. 

The University:

  • Jacobs University Bremen is an English language private university in Northern Germany, fully accredited by the German government. 
  • It has 1370 graduate and undergraduate students who come from 108 nations; only 25% of the students are Germans. The beautiful campus (see here for some views) has a multicultural, friendly, and dynamic atmosphere. 
  • The small size and the professor:student ratio of 10:1 make for small classes, individual tuition, and very efficient career advice. 
  • Free German (and other language) training is available - it is important for graduate students who wish to stay in Germany after their studies. 
  • Housing for graduate students is inexpensive and easy to find in the surrounding area. The Graduate Students Association is helpful and efficient. 

Why MoLife at Jacobs?

  • The science is excellent - the research programs of the participating faculty are exciting, relevant, and world-class.
  • We hope that you will want to stay for a PhD, and we as faculty are committed to supporting you and helping you develop to become your best. 
  • Jacobs University is simply a fantastic place to live and study
  • The courses in MoLife are excellent and much smaller than elsewhere – individual study and attention.
  • The program is small (≤ ten students per year from everywhere in the world), they all know and help each other.
  • Tuition at Master's level is not more expensive than elsewhere in Germany




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