Swedish honors for Jacobs Wisdom Professor Roland Benz

Prof. Dr. Roland Benz
Prof. Dr. Roland Benz

Jacobs Wisdom Professor Roland Benz will be awarded an honorary doctorate from Umeå University in Sweden. He will be one of two professors to be honored by the faculty of medicine at Umeå University in October.

June 20, 2011

The honorary doctorate recognizes more than 20 years of collaboration between Prof. Dr. Benz and the Swedish-based university in the field of infection biology.

As part of the long-term cooperation in science and student exchange with Umeå University researchers, Prof. Dr. Benz worked closely together with Prof. Dr. Sven Bergström, Professor of Molecular Biology at the Swedish institution, resulting in joint research projects and publications, frequent postgraduate student exchanges, visits and seminars.

Prof. Dr. Bergström says: “Over the last two decades Prof. Benz has promoted fruitful collaborations with several scientists at the Department of Molecular Biology, Umeå Centre for Microbial Research and The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden. The long-term interactions and exchanges with Prof. Benz and the Umeå research groups have been documented in many joint research publications and PhD dissertations.”

Prof. Dr. Benz, who is also a member of the Rudolf Virchow Center at the University of Würzburg, has been Wisdom Professor of Biotechnolgy at Jacobs University’s School of Engineering and Science (SES) since 2009.

He is an expert in biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology of membrane permeability and the mechanisms of transport through membranes. His research includes studies of general diffusion pores and of specific porins in the outer membrane of different Gram-negative bacteria, the processes involved in toxin transport across artificial lipid bilayer membranes, as well as the membrane permeability of cell organelles and import of toxins through lipid bilayer membranes in the target cells.

On October 22, Prof. Dr. Benz will receive his honorary doctorate during Umeå University’s Annual Academic Ceremony. He will be invited to hold a public lecture in the days leading up to the event.

Prof. Dr. Benz comments: “I feel very honored to receive this great accolade. I have always admired the colleagues and friends from Umeå University for the production of excellent science and their renowned international reputation. I very much hope to continue our successful cooperations for many years to come."