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Picture of Prof. Dr. Albert Jeltsch (Fall 2008)

Since December 2011, I am at Universit├Ąt Stuttgart. Please click here to contact me there.

The research of my group focuses on DNA, RNA and protein methyltransferases. One main research aim is to understand the reaction mechanism and mode of action of different classes of methyltransferases. We have long experience in enzyme design by rational and directed evolution approaches and succeeded in changing the target base and DNA sequence specificity of different DNA methyltransferases. Powerful methods of recombinant expression of enzymes and assaying methyl transfer reactions are established. Enzyme characterization is performed by sophisticated biomolecular interaction and kinetic methods. Using these methods we try to understand the catalytic and substrate recognition mechanism of various DNA methyltransferases and improve their properties for biotechnological applications. In addition, we study the role of DNA methylation and other epigenetic marks in development and disease.