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Jacobs MedPrep Program

Medical Preparation - German Students

Preparatory Study Program

Do you have a passion for medicine and do you wonder about the right way to get into med school? Then our Medical Preparatory Program (or MedPrep) is just the right choice for you! Acquire fundamental knowledge in medical studies and natural sciences, gain hands-on practical experience through laboratory courses and medical internships and boost your chances to obtain a study place in medicine!
The two semester pre-degree program is taught in both English and German. It provides a professional qualification schedule for medical school entry in Germany and other attractive study locations in Europe. Also the entry into other health care-related study programs like Clinical Psychology or Public Health will be facilitated. The curriculum includes individual application training as well as entrance exam preparation for formats such as TMS, HamNAT and MedAT. International admission testing for the SAT is also included.
As a MedPrep student you will take full advantage of the manifold learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Visit challenging undergraduate classes in the natural sciences, participate in professional skills courses covering topics such as medical ethics, patient consultation or academic learning skills and sharpen your intercultural skills.

Program Structure and Content

In consultation with professors, medical practitioners and career counselors, we have designed a two-semester program that offers you the best possible preparation for medical studies and that provides optimal guidance for your applications to medical schools. As a MedPrep student, you create your own personal study plan based on your background and your personal career goals. Your courses are taught in both English and German.
Central elements of your study program include:
Prepare an excellent application to the German medical school system, learn about other possibilities to pursue medical studies outside of Germany and be sure not to miss any important registration deadlines.
Prepare yourself for the challenge of studying medicine; brush up and expand your knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics and acquire first knowledge in physiology and anatomy while earning up to 45 transferable ECTS credits in university level courses.
Gain hands-on lab experience and apply your acquired knowledge during a short internship in medical care.
Obtain effective learning strategies for medical school and prepare for your career with courses in medical ethics, medical English, an introduction to the German health care system and much more.
Get ready for your university entrance examinations! MedPrep offers intensive training for the most common medical entrance examination tests such as the TMS, the HAM-Nat or the Austrian MedAT. Furthermore, the program will give you the opportunity to prepare for university admission tests to English-language programs such as the SAT.
The field of health care offers a variety of diverse career opportunities. Explore different professional fields and – together with our instructors – determine the path that is right for you. Seize the opportunity to participate in the various orientation possibilities that the curriculum at Jacobs University offers. Explore majors outside the field of medicine to learn more about alternative career opportunities in psychology, business, the natural sciences and many more.