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B³ - Calendar

Calendar of Activities Planned for the Year 2021

As part of their commitment to the Research Projects, head scientists and research teams sponsored by the “B³ Framework” are engaged in building a thriving “Community of Practice” (CoP) through their involvement in a series of activities planned for this year. Some of the most significant events that are taking place at Jacobs University are:

The B³ Brown Bag Lunch Lecture Series in Teaching and Innovation

An online lecture series where B³ Project Chairs, their teams and invited Jacobs University faculty, present innovative methodologies including digitalization and state-of-the-art student-centered approaches in higher education. Target audiences are Jacobs University faculty, staff and interested students. The lectures planned for 2021 are:

February 25thAMIGO – Algorithmic Method for Improved Group Formation OnlineSpeaker: Dr. Henrik Bellhäuser
Johannes Gutenberg - Universität Mainz
March 18thImparting Creativity in Distance LearningSpeakers: Prof. Dr. Christoph Lattemann and his team, Xingyue Yang and Pia Gebbing
April 15thIntroduction to Decoding the DisciplinesSpeaker: Dr. Julie Direnga
May 20thOnline Teaching of Lectures and Labs: Change is Here to StaySpeaker: Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk
June 17thSummer Feature: Two Lectures on Teaching Innovations During the Spring 2021 at Jacobs UniversitySpeakers: Prof. Dr. Milka Kazandziska; Andreas Volk, M.A. and Max Schlenker, M.A.
September 23rdOnline teaching for labs in the Experimental (Life) Sciences – an Experience ReportSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Susanne Illenberger
October 21stHybrid Neighborhood Museum ‘Portal to the World’Speaker: Dr. Jakob Fruchtmann
Nov. 25thRestructuring a Biochemistry LabSpeaker: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Springer
Dec. 16thLab@homeSpeaker: Dr. Alexander Petrescu


Bildung Beyond Boundaries (B³) Symposiums – Spring and Fall, 2021

Twice a year, all B³ Research Teams come together to engage in fruitful discussions focused on information sharing; recognition of common challenges and identifying avenues of coordination and synergy. The Symposiums are spaces for idea generation and the conception of future initiatives. Two meetings are planned for this year:

➜ B³ Spring Symposium “From Radical Ideas to Innovative Research Practice – Lessons Learned” – April 21st.

The main objectives of the Spring Symposium are to introduce the Concept of “Community of Practice” (CoP) outlining the mutual benefits of this collaborative framework, and to Support the discussion of common challenges among B³ teams and objectives in the areas of:

  1. Transferability/dissemination strategies
  2. Methodological innovation
  3. Projects Sustainability

During the Symposium, participants were introduced to the topic “Teaching and Learning at Jacobs University as Communities of Practice” by Diversity Dean Arvid Kappas, and had the opportunity to discuss areas of synergy as they considered the CoP as a collaborative framework. Furthermore, they also discussed and recognized common challenges, and identified „Peer Consulting”, as one key strategy to consider when building a “roadmap” and envisioning a sustainable future for B³ projects.

➜ B³ Fall Symposium “Innovations and Breakthroughs – The Future of Education” - November 3rd.

The Fall Symposium seeks to create a platform for the presentation and discussion of the research advancement of the B³ Teams, looking into new developments and results of their work on innovative pedagogies and technology, against the backdrop of the seismic changes in teaching and learning brought about by the COVID 19 Pandemic. The Symposium will also feature workshops directed to the Jacobs University Faculty at large.

B³ Journal Club

Young scientists who are members of B³ Teams come together to critically review scientific publications in the fields of digitalization in teaching and learning, in order to invite reflexivity, discussion, and idea generation. Meetings are coordinated by two post-doctoral researchers from the B³ Framework and have officially started on June 23rd, 2021.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Jessica Price
Research Project Coordinator B3 „Bildung Beyond Boundaries“
E-Mail: j.price [at]