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Research Project Groups Present Final Results

A good summer day on June 14, 2022, saw academics and researchers who have collaborated tirelessly for the successful completion of their “Bildung Beyond Boundaries – B³” Projects, finally come together, in person, after two years of social distancing and remote work. The occasion was the Final B³ Symposium, in which Jacobs University researchers of nine interdisciplinary projects, and their colleagues from partner institutions, presented their evidence-based results among members of our academic community at Jacobs University.

During the symposium, activities ranged from the performative to the scientific, and the audience had the opportunity to hear from each other in-person; to ask challenging questions and to continue to engage as a trans-disciplinary community of practice, confirming our belief that pedagogic innovation should be open in subject, methodology, and discipline.

During this special occasion, it became evident that the strength of the B³ Model does not lie on singular project results, but rather, on the paradigm shift that the Framework itself represents. Its focus on evidence-by-design structure clearly differentiates B³ from other German grant opportunities that tend to favor anecdotal evidence rather than scientific rigor. With the successful, and final, B3 Symposium on June 14th, the B3 Framework has reached its preliminary peak, but calls for translational research in academic education.

We could not have done any of the above without the decisive support of the Jacobs Foundation, and the commitment of all the project chairs and their research teams; and for this, we extend again our recognition and sincere gratitude to all contributors and friends of the B³ Framework.


Next, you find the QR code from where you can download the “Book of Abstracts” of the “Final B³ Symposium”. Our hope is that scientists, educators and the general public interested in the field of pedagogic innovations in higher education will find the ideas presented here inspirational and useful.