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Big Data in Life Science – Making Biomedical Data usable

Big Data + Life Science

Big Data in Life Science – Making Biomedical Data usable

Computational Life Science for Companies in the Medical, Life Science, Bioinformatics and Pharma Industries

Introducing Prof. Dr. Marc-Thorsten Hütt, Professor of Computational Systems Biology, Life Sciences & Chemistry

High-throughput technologies have turned biological and medical research into big data endeavors. And the flood of data is rising constantly. As a consequence, both in industry and academia, data analysis methods and mathematical modeling are becoming more important.

Data at huge scales needs to be stored, classified, and examined. Computer-based and mathematical models help to analyze large volumes of data and gain new insights.

In Computational Life Science we tackle problems in life sciences and biology by methods from mathematics and computer science.

The program

Jacobs University CompLife qualification and knowledge transfer programs comprise customized certificate programs and corporate seminars. 

It is primarily aimed at bioinformaticians, physicists, computer scientists, mathematicians or specialists in a related area and allows them to acquire a background in life science. Likewise, employees from a biological background can be trained in modeling and Bioinformatics, thus enhance their scope of action by adding computational skills.