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Abstracts of talks (in alphabetic order)

Andre Cardoso Barato: Cost and precision in stochastic thermodynamics

Juan Garrahan: Talk 1: Basics of slow relaxation, glasses and kinetically constrained dynamics   Talk 2: Fluctuation properties of counting observables and their first passage times in stochastic systems

Sebastian Goldt: Stochastic Thermodynamics of Learning

Campbell Gourlay: Talk 1: Actin 101: An Introduction to the actin cytoskeleton, its properties and its decline during ageing   Talk 2: Killer Actin

Nan Hao: Systems Biology of single-cell aging - Periodic silencing dynamics control cell aging

Henrik Jeldtoft Jensen: Talk1: Ageing as a consequence of evolutionary adaptation   Talk2: Universal features of Ageing through Record Dynamics

Feng Liu: Induction of cellular senescence under various stress conditions

Katarzyna Macieszczak: Unified thermodynamic uncertainty relations in linear response

Michel Pleimling: Talk 1: An overview of the phenomenology of physical aging   Talk 2: Physical aging in materials: from vortex matter to skyrmion systems

Sonja J. Prohaska: Talk 1:Running Histone Code on a Chromatin Computer   Talk 2: Epigenetics: Regulation of a Special Kind

Fèlix Ritort: Talk 1: Experimental Measurement of Information-Content in Nonequilibrium Systems   Talk2: Q-stat thermodynamics: a new perspective on non-equilibrium phenomena

J.H.T. Rohling: How the aging circadian clock affects our daily rhythms

Dipanjan Roy: Talk 1:  Spatiotemporal reorganization of brain rhythms on slow and fast time scales with healthy aging   Talk 2: Metastability, Causality and Synchronization in the aging brain: a new perspective

Paolo Sibani: Talk1: Origin of common dynamical aspects in glassy materials and biological ecosystems: a qualitative discussion   Talk2: From micro- to macro: Record Dynamics as a coarse graining tool for aging systems

Nicholas Stroustrup: The temporal scaling of C. elegans ageing

Pieter Rein ten Wolde: Talk 1: Thermodynamics of Biochemical Copying   Talk 2: Theory on the optimal design of cell sensing systems

Gasper Tkacik: Talk 1: Information processing in neural and gene regulatory networks   Talk 2: Intrinsic limits to gene regulation by global crosstalk

Ala Trusina: Aging as stress response:  examples from bacteria and higher eukaryotes


Abstracts of Contributed Talks 

Tailise C. de Souza Guerreiro, John McCarthy: Ageing, translation and noise - are they related?

Philipp Fleig , Mirna Kramar, Michael Wilczek,  Karen Alim: Task-specific adaptation of a living flow network

Marta Gironella, Felix Ritort: Relaxational kinetics in red blood cell mechanics: linking physical to biological aging

Xavier Viader-Godoy, Maria Manosas, Felix Ritort: Length dependence of the elastic properties and secondary structure of single-stranded DNA

Darka Labavic, Mohamed Tahar Ladjimi, Quentin Thommen, Benjamin Pfeuty: Dose-rate scaling laws in a generic cellular stress response model

Jonas Rzezonka Stefan Nowak, Joachim Krug, Ivan G. Szendro - Johannes Neidhart - Rahul Marathe: Interaction Analysis of Longevity Interventions Using Survival Curves

Niek Welkenhuysen, Johannes Borgqvist, Barbara Schnitzer, Qasim Ali, Marija Cvijovic: Beyond asymmetry: the evolutionary advantages of an active damage retention mechanism

Maximilian Voit and Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns: On the fate of dynamical systems under a trade-off between costs and precision