Jacobs University Rowing Team - a winning spirit.

Healthy body, healthy mind
Jacobs offers a wide variety of physical activities to recharge your mental batteries in between your intense studies. If you just want to get fit, you can work out at the gym, go swimming, or join fitness groups such as zumba or yoga. If you prefer to play sports, then rowing, soccer, volleyball, cricket, rugby, cheerleading, or ultimate Frisbee are just a few of the popular choices open to both novice and advanced players.

Play to win or just for fun
Sports can be played just for fun or competitively. To just have fun or try something new, join one of the recreational sports clubs. But if you have a competitive spirit, try out for one of the sports teams which represent Jacobs in national and international competitions. Jacobs teams cooperate with local registered sports clubs to compete in matches within the German league system.

For more info, see the spaces below or contact Michele Lapenna, Sports Coordinator.