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Connecting Worlds

An international company requires highly-qualified junior employees characterized by internationality, flexibility and practical experience. A central success factor of global economic activities is the efficient and effective exchange between headquarters, international subsidiaries and business partners, often located in different parts of the world. Therefore, competent bridge builders with strong intercultural skills and international expertise are needed to connect these different regions in the best way.

With Connecting Worlds Jacobs University offers an exchange program designed to specifically link tailor-made academic education with practical international experience through an internship in your company.

The outstanding transdisciplinary and tailor-made education at Jacobs University, the excellent academic support and supervision plus an inspiring atmosphere for creative innovators through the unique and diverse campus life shape the profiles of your candidates before they start their work as interns in your company. The Connecting Worlds students experience both an intense academic education tailor-made to your company’s specific needs and practical insights into your corporate culture in Germany.

In return, your company gains the best knowledge about the abilities and motivation of these potential future employees to contribute further to your corporate goals.

Overall, the Connecting Worlds program offers the chance to evaluate potential candidates on the job, combined with an intense and challenging training in e.g. management and engineering – tailor-made to your company’s needs.

For more information, please contact us or download the Connecting Worlds Program flyer.