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Demographic Challenges

Positive Management of Demographic Challenges

A transdisciplinary approach to solve the key future demographic challenges of companies

  • Diversity-sensitive Health Promotion, Life-long learning and workability, mHealth, Psychology and Medical Rehabilitation (Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke)
  • Diversity Management and aging work force; Innovation-, Change- and Knowledge-Management; WISE Demographic Network (Prof. Dr. Sven Voelpel)
  • Age-differentiated education and demographic-sensitive Leadership, Competence Development and Training (Prof. Dr. Christian Stamov Roßnagel )
  • Research methods and evaluation, Disability Studies, Gender Studies, Sectional Approaches, Media Use in Old Age (Prof. Dr. Margrit Schreier)
  • Ambient Assisted Living, Software-Development, Visual Information Technologies, Big Data, Industrie 4.0 (Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog)
Positive Management of Demographic Challenges


Healthy at Work

Introducing Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

The promotion of employee’s health is increasingly becoming a focal point of public interest. Growing numbers of employers require comprehensive measures. However, the question arises which of the approaches are feasible and scientifically sound to meet the challenges of the demographic change as well as diversity within the employees’ motivation to change unhealthy lifestyles.

New research results from the team of Professor Sonia Lippke at Jacobs University in Bremen give new insights: Computer-based health promotion (eHealth) which tailor motivational treatments to the individual needs of the employees can help people to overcome inner temptations, to improve their health behaviors and to sustain their employability.

Positive Management of Demographic Challenges


Demographic Perspectives

No future? Don’t care! Employees’ outlook for the future: a compass for personnel management

Introducing Sven Voelpel, Professor of Economics

No future? Don’t care! Employees’ outlook for the future: a compass for personnel management

The way employees view the future is a central parameter for personnel management in companies and it is shaped by the job satisfaction and loyalty of employees towards their company. How your own future is perceived, whether as a time of possibilities and opportunities or as a time of impending restrictions, also depends on your working world, especially by personnel management, and contributes to job satisfaction and company loyalty.

In WDN – the WISE Demographic Network at Jacobs University, scientists and companies work together to find scientifically founded and practice-oriented solutions to challenges related to demographics.

Through research projects, recommendations for action, and a forum for sharing opinions and experience, the network offers long-term competitive advantages to company decision-makers and personnel managers in the face of demographic change. The WDN was founded at the 11th World Business Dialogue 2007 in Cologne with participation by partner companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Bank, Daimler, EnBW, and Volkswagen, among others.

Sven Voelpel, Professor of Economics at Jacobs University, heads the Network as Founding Director.