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Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

The department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering is home to programs including Computer Science, Electrical and Computer EngineeringIntelligent Mobile Systems and the MSc in Data Engineering. Information influences the life of the individual and the cohesion of societies and cultures in many different ways. Expertise in these disciplines contribute to Jacobs focus on Mobility.





Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering
a.antoulas [at]
Research I, Room 67
Professor of Computer Science
p.baumann [at]
Research I, Room 88
Research Associate
b.bell [at]
Research I, Room 96
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
a.birk [at]
Research I, Room 39
University Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
m.bode [at]
Research I, Room 93
Postdoctoral Fellow (Computer Science)
h.buelow [at]
Research I, Room 45
Research Associate (Computer Science)
a.fofonov [at]
Research I, Room 119
Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Thadeu Freitas de Abreu
Professor of Electrical Engineering
g.abreu [at]
Research I, Room 105
Dr. Achim Geleßus
Computational Lab Coordinator (CLAMV)
a.gelessus [at]
R. III, Room 156
Research Associate / PhD Student (Electrical Engineering)
o.graur [at]
Research I, Room 79
Postdoctoral Fellow (Computer Science)
f.hadaeghi [at]
Research I, Room 81
Professor of Medical Imaging
h.hahn [at]
Research I, Room 132
Research Associate
x.he [at]
Research I, Room 81 /102a
Research Associate
x.he [at]
Research I, Room 81 /102a
Professor of Electrical Engineering
w.henkel [at]
Research I, Room 61
University Lecturer [at]
Research I, Room 92
Professor of Computational Science
h.jaeger [at]
Research I, Room 62
Postdoctoral Fellow in Marine Systems
s.krupinski [at]
Research I, Room 50b
Adjunct Professor of Computational Science and Computer Science
l.linsen [at]
Dr. Kinga Lipskoch
University Lecturer in Computer Science
k.lipskoch [at]
Research I, Room 94
Professor in Marine System with focus on Marine Robotics
f.maurelli [at]
Research I, Room 50a
Dimitar Misev
Research Associate/PhD Student in Computer Science
d.misev [at]
Research I, Room 96
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
k.pathak [at]
Research I, Room 99A
Professor of Computer Science
j.schoenwaelder [at]
Research I, Room 87
Postdoctoral Fellow / Project Coordinator - Workgroup Abreu
s.severi [at]
Research I, Room 100a
Research Associate (Computer Science & Electrical Engineering)
r.stoica [at]
Research I, Room 48
Research Associate / PhD Student (Electrical Engineering)
y.tolossa [at]
Research I, Room 98