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Psychology & Methods

The department of Psychology & Methods is home to the Undergraduate Psychology program and a bilingual Graduate Psychologie MSc program. Expertise in these disciplines contribute to Jacobs focus on Diversity.




Postdoctoral Fellow
r.arant [at]
Research IV, Room 62 b
Language Lecturer (German)
s.baumgarten [at]
Research IV, Office 100 a
Prof. Dr. Klaus Boehnke
Professor of Social Science Methodology
k.boehnke [at]
Research IV, Room 112
Postdoctoral Fellow
p.bogdanova [at]
Research IV, Room 94
Prof. Dr. Christopher Cohrs (on parental leave)
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
cohrsc [at]
Language Lecturer (German)
s.cramer [at]
Research IV, Office 100 b
Research Associate to Prof. Klaus Boehnke
g.dragolov [at]
Research IV, Room 72 a
Scientific Fellow
al.filip [at]
Research IV, Room 61 a
Research Associate to Prof. Christian Stamov Roßnagel
b.giesenbauer [at]
Research IV, Room 43
Professor of Neuroscience
b.godde [at]
Research IV, Room 129
Lecturer in Psychology
s.haberstroh [at]
Dr. Katja Hanke
Adjunct Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Psychology and its Methods
ka.hanke [at]
Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas
a.kappas [at]
Reimar Lüst Hall, Room 257 / Research IV, Room 116
Lecturer in Psychology
a.karim [at]
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen
Professor of Psychology
u.kuehnen [at]
Research IV, Room 39
Dr. Dennis Küster
Scientific Fellow
d.kuester [at]
Research IV, Room 154
Lecturer in Case Study Design
landorff [at]
Dr. Mandi Larsen
University Lecturer for Methods of Empirical Social Research
m.larsen [at]
South Hall, Room 315
Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke
Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
s.lippke [at]
Research IV, Room 106
Dr. Jan Lorenz
Scientific Fellow
j.lorenz [at]
Research IV, Room 61 b
Research Associate to Professor Sonia Lippke
u.meyer [at]
Research IV, Room 96
Corporate Health Promotion Coordinator
n.naida [at]
Research IV, Room 110
Scientific Fellow
ma.neumann [at]
Research IV, Room 78
Dr. Annette Schomburg
Research Lab Coordinator - Diversity/ Cognitive Psychology
a.schomburg [at]
Research IV, Room 132
Prof. Dr. Margrit Schreier
Professor of Empirical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
m.schreier [at]
Research IV, Room 128
Prof. Dr. Christian Stamov Roßnagel
Professor of Organisational Behaviour
c.stamovrossnagel [at]
Research IV, Room 42
Scientific Fellow
a.stanciu [at]
Research IV, Room 62 a
Langauage Lecturer (German)
i.steckemetz [at]
Research IV, Office 101
Research Associate to Prof. Sonia Lippke
j.steinkopf [at]
Research IV, Room 96
Research Fellow to Prof. Sonia Lippke
s.tan [at]
Research IV, Room 125
Dr. Elena Tsankova
Scientific Fellow
e.tsankova [at]
Research IV, Room 158
Professor of Quantitative Methods
c.vance [at]
Research IV, Room 66
Amanda Whittal
Postdoctoral Fellow
a.whittal [at]
Research IV, Room 126
Prof. Dr. Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm
Professor of Statistics
a.wilhelm [at]
Research IV, Room 111
Research Associate to Prof. Adele Diederich
l.wollschlaeger [at]
Research IV, Room 93
Marc Wyszynski
Research Associate to Prof. Adele Diederich
m.wyszynski [at]
Research IV, Room 115
Prof. Dr. Song Yan
Professor of Psychology
s.yan [at]
Research IV, Room 38
Elisabeth Zschucke
Scientific Fellow
e.zschucke [at]
Research IV, Room 89