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Prof. Dr. Dominic Sachsenmaier

Professor of Modern Asian History
Focus Area: Diversity - Social Sciences and Humanities
Mailing Address:

Campus Ring 1
28759 Bremen

Email: d.sachsenmaier@jacobs-university.de
Telephone: +49 421 200-3382
Fax: +49 421 200-3303
Office: Research IV, Room 98
Link to Homepage: http://www.jacobs-university.de/teams-center/teams
Research Interests:
  • Global History, Approaches in China and the West
  • Sino-Western Cultural Relations
  • Visions of World Order, Historical Dimensions
  • Political Cultures in China and Europe
University Education:
1999 Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany: Ph.D., History, Minors: Chinese Studies & Philosophy
1996-1999 Harvard-Yenching-Institute: Teaching Fellow/Research Scholar
Previous Education at Freiburg University, the University of St. Andrews, Nanjing University, and Shi-Ta-University/Taipei
Other Information:
  • Chair, Field A (“Global Governance and Regional Integration'), Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences
  • Vice Director, Confucius Institute Bremen
  • Coordinator, Research Center "Transformations in Europe and Asia: Markets, States, Societies" (TEAMS)
Fellowships and Awards:
Since 2012 Honorary Visiting Chair, Global History Center, Capital Normal University, Beijing
2010&2011(summer) Full Fellowship, Institute of Advanced Study (Kulturwissenschaftliches Kolleg), University of Constance, Germany
2009-2010 Mercator Visiting Professorship for highly qualified scholars at Humboldt University Berlin (sponsored by the German National Research Foundation)
2008-2009 Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers (at Free University of Berlin)
2006&2007 Visiting Professor, Erasmus Mundus Program Global Studies (University of Leipzig, Germany)
2005 University of California (Santa Barbara) Junior Faculty Incentive Award
2005 Outstanding Faculty Member Teaching Award, University of California, Santa Barbara
2004 President’s Fellow, Berlin Social Science Research Center (WZB)
2001-2003 Research Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute, sponsored by German National Research Foundation (Emmy Noether-Program)
1999 Waldseemüllerpreis, award for best thesis in international or local history in 1999 (Freiburg)
1993-1999 Fellow of the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung)
Research and Teaching Positions:
2006-2011 Assistant Professor, Trans-Cultural and Chinese History; Duke University, Department of History & Asian Pacific Studies Institute
2003-2006 Assistant Professor, Global History; University of California, Santa Barbara, Global and International Studies Program
2001-2003 Research scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute (sponsored by the German National Research Foundation (DFG)

• Global Perspectives on Global History. Theories and Approaches in a Connected World, Cambridge University Press (simultaneous hardcover and paperback editions)
• Die Aufnahme europäischer Inhalte in die chinesische Kultur durch Zhu Zongyuan (ca. 1616-1660) (Zhu Zongyuan’s Integration of Western Elements into Chinese Culture), (2002) = Monumenta Serica Monograph Series, vol. 46, Nettetal: Steyler.

Edited Volumes:

• Main editor, with Jens Riedel & Shmuel Eisenstadt, Duoyuan xiandaihua de fansi. Ouzhou, Zhongguo ji qitade chanshi (2009), Chinese University of Hong Kong Press (Translation of Reflections on Multiple Modernities).
• Main editor, with Jens Riedel & Shmuel Eisenstadt, Reflections on Multiple Modernities: European, Chinese, and Other Approaches (2002), Leiden: Brill.
• Co-edited with Sebastian Conrad, Competing Visions of World Order. Global Moments and Movements, 1880-1935, (2007), New York: Palgrave (Paperback edition: 2012).

Journal Articles:

• "Quanqiushi ji qi duoyuan qianli" ("Global History and Its Pluralistic Potentials"), in Lishi Yanjiu (Historical Research), 1-2013, pp. 31-37
• “Global Challenges to Intellectual History", in Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences (2013) pp. 128-147.
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• “Conceptions of Space in Global History – A Brief Outlook on Research in the United States and China”, in Comparativ. Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und Vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung 20-6 (2011), pp. 80-93.
• “Global History and the Question of Traditions”, New Global Studies (2010).
• “Xifang de quanqiu shi yu shijie lishi - jinlai de qushi” (Western global history and world history - recent trends), Liang an fazhan shixue (Historical Studies of Development in the Taiwan Straits), 5 (Winter 2009), pp. 69-76.
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• “Searching For Alternatives to Western Modernity. Cross-Cultural Approaches in the Aftermath of World War I”, Journal of Modern European History, 4-2 (2006), pp. 241-259.
• “Die Globalisierung Europas. Zum Verhältnis von europäischer und außereuropäischer Geschichte” (The Globalization of Europe. On the Relationship between European and non-European History), Zeithistorische Forschungen (Studies in Contemporary History), 1-3 (2005).
• “Global History, Global Debates”, Geschichte Transnational (History Transnational), 3-3 (2005).
• “Approaches to Global History”, Historically Speaking: Journal of the Association of American Historians, (February, 2004).
• “Die Angst vor dem Weltdorf: Globale und Interkulturelle Forschungen - Neue Ansätze” (Global and Inter-cultural Research – New Approaches), WZB: Mitteilungen,105 (2004).
• “Quanqiushi – tiaozhan yu yueshu” (Global History – Challenges and Constraints), Shandong Shehui Kexue (Shandong Social Science), 6 (2004), pp.15-17.
• Main editor, special issue: “Internationalization of China”, edited by Dominic Sachsenmaier (Guest Editor), Zeitschrift für Weltgeschichte (Journal of World History), 2-3 (2003), (Topic: “the Internationalization of China”).
• “Politische Kulturen in China und Deutschland nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg – Gedanken zu einer globalhistorischen Perspektive” (Political Cultures in China and Europe During the Aftermath of the Great War – Towards a Global Historical Perspective), Zeitschrift für Weltgeschichte (Journal of World History), 4-2 (2003), pp. 87-102.
• “Die Erforschung der chinesisch-europäischen Beziehungen – einige Überlegungen” (Academic Research on Sino-European Relations – Some Considerations), China Heute (2002).

Book Chapters:

• “Europe and the World”, in Shared Histories for a Europe without Dividing Lines, ed. Brian Carvell, Strasbourg: Council of Europe (forthcoming).
• “Notions of Society in Early Twentieth Century China, ca 1900-1925”, in Hagen Schulz-Forberg (ed.), A Global Conceptual History of Asia, 1869-1940, London: Pickering& Chatto (forthcoming).
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• Together with Jens Riedel & Shmuel Eisenstadt, “Introduction” in Dominic Sachsenmaier, Jens Riedel & Shmuel Eisenstadt (eds.) (2002), Reflections on Multiple Modernities: European, Chinese, and Other Approaches, Leiden: Brill, pp.1-23.
• “Multiple Modernities - the Concept and Its Potential” in Dominic Sachsenmaier, Jens Riedel & Shmuel Eisenstadt (eds.) (2002), Reflections on Multiple Modernities: European, Chinese, and Other Approaches, Leiden: Brill, pp. 42-67.
• “The Cultural Transmission from China to Europe” in Nicolas Standaert (ed.) (2001), Handbook of Oriental Studies, Leiden: Brill, pp. 879-905.

Reference Articles:

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Book Reviews:

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Other Articles:

• “Countries Globalized but Education Lagging”, in YaleGlobal, June 18, 2013.
• “Deutschland Lebt noch in der Daoguang-Epoche”, in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 31.10.2012
• “Angst of a Stagnating Germany”, Yale Global (2005) (Reprinted by Singapore Strait Times.)
• “A Fiesta of Protest at Porto Alegre”, Yale Global (2004) (reprinted by Jakarta Post and The South China Morning Post, 2005).
• “Germany Deadlocked Over Immigration Policy”, Yale Global (August 22, 2003) (Reprinted by several international newspapers).
• “The Roots of Anti-Americanism in Germany”, Yale Global (2003) (Reprinted by Singapore Strait Times, Al Khaleej (Dubai), the Daily Times (Pakistan) et al.).

Other Professional Activities:
2011 Member, Executive Committee, Center for European Studies, Duke University
Since 2010 Advisory Board Member, Centre for Area Studies, University of Leipzig
Since 2009 Steering Committee Member, Flying University (Transcultural Humanities Consortium, sponsored by Korea National Foundation and headquartered at Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea)
Since 2008 Asia Editor, History Compass
Since 2008 Editorial board member, Chinese Studies in History
Since 2007 Editorial Board Member, Encyclopedia of Global Studies (Sage)
Since 2007 Board Member, Toynbee Foundation (Global History)
Since 2006 Associate Editor, New Global Studies
Since 2006 Member, International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography
Since 2001 Elected member of Triglav Circle (NGO with special consultative status to UN in social and cultural questions)
2010-2011 Faculty Coordinator, Duke East Asia Certificate Program (Undergraduate Studies)
2010-2011 Duke Asian Pacific Studies Institute Executive Committee member (elected)
2007-2008 American Historical Association: Member of the Program Committee for 2009 Convention (Theme: “Globalizing Historiography”)
1999-2000 Business consultant, The Boston Consulting Group
1997 Editorial board member, Harvard Asia Pacific Review
Funded Projects:
2014-2016 Humboldt Foundation: Collaboration with Prof. Selcuk Esenbel/Bogazici University Istanbul (Georg Foster Award)
since 2013 Volkswagen Foundation: Project China in the German Academic Landscapes (China in der deutschen Hochschullandschaft)
2013-2017 Stiftung Bremer Wertpapierbörse: Program for visiting Chinese professors
Since 2011 Founding participant, international faculty network on “Critical Regionalism in East Asia”, sponsored by Korean Studies Promotion Service/Seoul. Collaboration of Yonsei University, Singapore National University, Duke University, Free University of Berlin (main convener: Sebastian Conrad)
2008-2011 Co-convener (together with Sven Beckert/Harvard), international conference series “Global History, Globally” (various international funding sources)
2007-2008 Co-convener (together with Ralph Litzinger), Mellon Foundation grant for Sawyer Seminar and Conference Series on “Environment and Health in China and India”
2004-2007 Co-convener (together with Sebastian Conrad, Berlin), trans-Atlantic research network on “Conceptions of World Order, ca 1880-1935 - Global Historical Perspectives”. Sponsored by German National Research Foundation
2004-2006 UC-wide Pacific Rim Program: research grant for project “Global History in East Asia”
Since 2005 Connection between University of California, Santa Barbara (later Duke) and Erasmus Mundus Global Studies (network between London School of Economics, University of Leipzig, Germany, University of Vienna, and University of Wroclav, Poland), funded by European Science Foundation
2001-2005 International Project on “Multiple Modernities/Business and Society”, sponsored by the Boston Consulting Group