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Assistant Professor of Computer Science
a.alanwar [at]
Research I, Room 67
Prof. Dr. Julia Bendul
Adjunct Professor of Network Optimization in Production and Logistics
j.bendul [at]
South Hall, Room 214
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry / Lecturer & Deputy Head of International Foundation Year
bbassil [at]
Research III, Room 110
Prof. Dr. Michael Bau
Professor of Geosciences
mbau [at]
Research III, Room 119
Professor of Computer Science
p.baumann [at]
Research I, Room 88
Adjunct Professor of Biotechnology
r.benz [at]
Research II, Room 89
Adjunct Professor (External)
o.berthod [at]
Research IV, Room 80
Adjunct Professor of Marine Geosciences
Jelle.Bijma [at]
Research III
Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
a.birk [at]
Research I, Room 39
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Birus
Professor of Comparative Literature Studies (Wisdom-Professorship)
h.birus [at]
Reimar Lüst Hall, Room 162
University Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
m.bode [at]
Research I, Room 93
Prof. Dr. Klaus Boehnke
Professor of Social Science Methodology
k.boehnke [at]
Research IV, Room 112
Professor of Cell Biology
k.brix [at]
Research II, Room 107
Professor of Sociology
h.brockmann [at]
Research IV, Room 46
Adjunct Professor for Energy Economics
g.brunekreeft [at]
South Hall, Room 217
University Lecturer in Supply Chain Management
s.chankov [at]
South Hall, Office 211
Language Lecturer (German)
s.cramer [at]
South Hall, Office 117
Adjunct Professor of Numerical Modeling
Sergey.Danilov [at]
University Lecturer for Socio-Cultural Change and the Individual
f.deutsch [at]
South Hall, Room 314
Adjunct Professor
r.diprimio [at]
Prof. Dr. Adele Diederich
Professor of Psychology
a.diederich [at]
Research IV, Room 117
University Lecturer in Physics & Laser Protection Representative
pdonfack [at]
Research III, Room 78
Adjunct Professor (External)
s.eickemeyer [at]
University Lecturer Industrial Engineering
o.fatahivalilai [at]
South Hall, Office 209
Adjunct Professor of Biochemical Engineering
m.fernandez-lahore [at]
Research II, Room 64
Adjunct Professor of Marine Biology
p.fischer [at]
Professor of Electrical Engineering
g.abreu [at]
Research I, Room 105
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fritz
Professor of Biophysics
jfritz [at]
Research III, Room 56
University Lecturer in Sociology
j.fruchtmann [at]
Research IV, 79
Wisdom Professor of Chemistry
d.gabel [at]
Research II, Room 93
Adjunct Professor of Geochemistry
Research III, Room 49a
Prof. Dr. Philipp Genschel (on leave)
Professor of European Public Policy
Philipp.Genschel [at]
Adjunct Professor of Physical Oceanography
ruediger.gerdes [at]
Dr. Lüder Gerken
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur") of Economics
l.gerken [at]
Adjunct Professor of Bioinformatics
f.gloeckner [at]
Research II, Room 91
Professor of Neuroscience
b.godde [at]
Research IV, Room 129
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
i.gorbovickis [at]
Research I, Room 128
Professor of Global Markets & Firms
t.halaszovich [at]
Research IV, Room 65
Adjunct Professor
c.hammann [at]
Research II, Room 119
jhaerter [at]
Research III, Room 66
Adjunct Professor of Project Management Concepts
chhausmann [at]
Professor of Electrical Engineering
w.henkel [at]
Research I, Room 61
Adjunct Professor in Law and African Studies
m.hinz [at]
Research IV, Room 99 b
University Lecturer [at]
Research I, Room 92
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Alan T. Huckleberry
Wisdom Professor of Mathematics
a.huckleberry [at]
Research I, Room 110
Professor of Computational Systems Biology
m.huett [at]
Research II, Room 117
Cell Biology
s.illenberger [at]
Research II, Room 54
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
f.jonas [at]
Research II, Room 119
Professor of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering
m.joodaki [at]
Research I, Room 62
Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas
a.kappas [at]
Reimar Lüst Hall, 257 | Res. IV, 116
Adjunct Professor in Psychology
a.karim [at]
Associate Professor of Microbiology
b.kartal [at]
Research II, Room 91 (JU)
Professor for Complex Systems
skettemann [at]
Research III, Room 96
Laboratory Services
m.klein [at]
Research II, Room 129
Professor of Theoretical Physics
ukleinekathoefer [at]
Research III, Room 61
Scientific Fellow (Alumni)
c.kleint [at]
Adjunct Professor of International Relations
c.knoop [at]
Research IV, Room 92
Professor of Chemistry
ukortz [at]
Research III, Room 111
Professor of Geosciences
akoschinsky [at]
Research III, Room 105
Professor of Psychology
u.kuehnen [at]
Research IV, Room 119
Professor of Chemistry
nkuhnert [at]
Research III, Room 117
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
t.lang [at]
Lab 3, Room 1
University Lecturer for Methods of Empirical Social Research
m.larsen [at]
South Hall, Room 315
Professor of Business Administration and Information Management
c.lattemann [at]
Research IV, Room 60 a/b
Professor of Biology and Ethics of Science & Technology
a.lerchl [at]
Research II, Room 56
Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke
Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
s.lippke [at]
Research IV, Room 106
Dr. Kinga Lipskoch
University Lecturer in Computer Science
k.lipskoch [at]
Research I, Room 94
University Lecturer
a.lisewski [at]
Research II, room 75
Adjunct Professor of Distribution Logistics & Advanced
s.lutz [at]
University Lecturer in Mathematics
k.mallahikarai [at]
Research I, Room 108
Professor of Chemical Physics
amaterny [at]
Research III, Room 60
Professor in Marine System with focus on Marine Robotics
f.maurelli [at]
Research I, Room 50a
Professor of Ecological Modelling
agostino.merico [at]
Research II, Room 43
Prof. Dr. Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
Professor of Physics
hortmanns [at]
Research III, Room 64
Prof. Dr. Werner Nau
w.nau [at]
Res. III, Room 112 | Reimar Lüst Hall, 245
Professor of Molecular Biotechnology
e.nevoigt [at]
Research II, Room 113
 Prof. Dr. Thomas Nugent
Professor of Chemistry
tnugent [at]
Research III, Room 113
Dr. Ulrich Nußbaum
Adjunct Professor ("Honorarprofessur")
u.nussbaum [at]
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
m.oliver [at]
Research I, Room 107
a.omelchenko [at]
Research I, Room 115
University Lecturer in Mathematics
iovsyannik [at]
Research I, Room 130
Professor of Mathematics
i.penkov [at]
Research I, Room 111
Professor of Mathematics
s.petrat [at]
Research I, Room 112
Professor of Mathematical Modelling of Medical Processes
t.preusser [at]
Research I, Room 132
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry (External)
groeschenthaler [at]
Research III, Room 86
Assistant Professor of Biotechnology
k.rosenthal [at]
Res. II, Room 79
Professor of Earth and Planetary Science
anrossi [at]
Research III, Room 108
Professor of Social Systems and Ecological Economics
a.schlueter [at]
ZMT Bremen
Professor of Computer Science
j.schoenwaelder [at]
Research I, Room 87
Prof. Dr. Margrit Schreier
Adjunct Professor of Empirical Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences
m.schreier [at]
Research IV, 100b
Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp
Professor of Physics
pschupp [at]
Research III, Room 65
Adjunct Professor of Logistics
f.schupp [at]
Assistant Professor of Global Economics and Management
a.seebeck [at]
Research IV, Room 86
Professor of Political Science
k.smithstegen [at]
Research IV, Room 105
Prof. Dphil Sebastian Springer
Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology
s.springer [at]
Research II, Room 111
Prof. Dr. Christian Stamov Roßnagel
Professor of Organisational Behaviour
c.stamovrossnagel [at]
Research IV, Room 39
Professor of Chinese Economy and Society
t.tenbrink [at]
Research IV, Room 98
Dr. Laurenz Thomsen
Adjunct Professor of Geosciences (External)
lthomsen [at]
University Lecturer in Contemporary History
j.timpe [at]
Research IV, 102
Prof. Dr. Joachim Treusch
President Emeritus
j.treusch [at]
Professor of Microbiology
m.ullrich [at]
Research II, Room 60
Professor of Geosciences
vunnithan [at]
Research III, Room 98
Professor of Logistics Engineering, Technologies, and Processes
y.uygun [at]
South Hall, Office 124 A
Professor of Quantitative Methods
c.vance [at]
Research IV, Room 66
Prof. Dr. Marco Verweij
Professor of Political Science
m.verweij [at]
Research IV, Room 113
Prof. Dr. Sven C. Voelpel
Professor of Business Administration
s.voelpel [at]
Research IV, Room 76
Professor of Physics
jvogt [at]
Research III, Room 106
Professor of Physics
vwagner [at]
Research III, Room 62
Prof. Dr. Richard Wagner
Wisdom Professor of Biophysics
ri.wagner [at]
Research II, Room 38
Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
wells [at]
Professor of Industrial Engineering
h.wicaksono [at]
South Hall, Office 210
Prof. Dr. Adalbert F.X. Wilhelm
Professor of Statistics
a.wilhelm [at]
Research IV, Room 111
Adjunct Professor of Computational Drug Discovery
B.Windshuegel [at]
JU: Research II, Room 94
Professor of Biophysics
m.winterhalter [at]
Research II, Room 87
Adjunct Professor of Supply Chain Design
s.wolff [at]
Prof. Dr. Isabel Wünsche
Professor of Art and Art History
i.wunsche [at]
Research IV, Room 107
Prof. Dr. Song Yan
Professor of Psychology
s.yan [at]
Research IV, Room 38
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
p.zaspel [at]
Research I, Room 168