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Prof. Dr. Herbert Jaeger
Prof. Dr.
Professor of Computational Science
Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

Campus Ring 1 28759 Bremen Germany

+49 421 200-493215
h.jaeger [at]
Research I, Room 62
Research Interests: 

Machine learning; mathematical and algorithmical modelling of nonlinear, stochastic systems; nonlinear signal processing and control.

University Education: 
  • Diploma in Mathematics, University Freiburg 1988
  • PhD, Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld, 1994
Research and Teaching Positions: 
Research Assistant, Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Fellow of the research group on "Prerational Intelligence", Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF), Bielefeld, Germany
Guest researcher, AI Lab, Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Postdoctoral fellowship at the German Federal Research Institute for Information Technology (GMD), Sankt Augustin, Germany
Head of research unit "Intelligent Dynamical Systems" at Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous Intelligent Systems, Sankt Augustin, Germany
Guest lecturer, Faculty of Technology, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Since 2003
Professor for Computational Science, International University Bremen, Germany

My publications page

  • H.Jaeger, H. Haas (2004): Harnessing Nonlinearity: Predicting Chaotic Systems and Saving Energy in Wireless Communication. Science, April 2, 2004, 78-80
  • H. Jaeger (2000): Observable operator models for discrete stochastic time series. Neural Computation 12(6), 2000, 1371-1398