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Prof. Dr. Andrea Koschinsky-Fritsche
Prof. Dr.
Professor of Geosciences
Physics & Earth Sciences

Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany

+49 421 200-3229
a.koschinsky [at]
Research III, Room 105
Research Interests: 
  • Trace metals in seawater: analytics, chemical speciation and (bio)geochemical cycling
  • Marine minerals: genesis, resource potential, and paleoceanographic information
  • Solid-solution reactions (adsorption of metals on mineral phases, etc.)
  • Geo-bio interfaces in marine systems (e.g. metal-biota interactions)
  • Hydrothermal fluids and hydrothermal metal fluxes into the ocean
  • Environmental geochemistry (including soil geochemistry)
University Education: 
Habilitation in geochemistry finished at the Free University of Berlin
Postdoctorate at the Free University of Berlin, different marine research projects
Dissertation (Ph.D.) in geochemistry finished at the Free University of Berlin
Doctoral thesis started at the Technical University of Clausthal, Inst. of Mineralogy
Diploma (equiv. to MSc.) in Chemistry, Technical University of Clausthal
Intermediate Diploma (equiv. to B.Sc.) in Chemistry
Studies of Chemistry at the Technical University of Clausthal
Since11/2011Full Professor of Geoscience at Jacobs University Bremen
Since 2/2005
Associate Professor of Geosciences at Jacobs University Bremen 
Senior Research Associate International University Bremen IUB
Since 2002
College lecturer at the Free University of Berlin
Research scientist and project coordinator at the Free University of Berlin
Scientist at the Technical University of Clausthal
Fellowships and Awards: 
Geochemical Journal award for outstanding paper 2009 (together with Michael Bau)
2005"Sparkassenpreis" for cooperation project between Jacobs Univ. and Univ. Bremen
Viktor-Moritz-Goldschmidt award of the German Mineralogical Society DMG


  • 2011-present Member of the DFG Senate Commission for Oceanography
  • 2011-2013 Councillor in the European Association of Geochemistry
  • 2008-present Jacobs Univ. representative of the POLMAR grad school (coordinator: AWI)
  • 2006-2008 Member of the Advisory Board of the German Mineralogical Society DMG
Research and Teaching Positions: 

Research Positions:

  • Participation in 11 research cruises with RV Sonne and RV Meteor in the Central Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Sea of Marmara; chief scientist of two cruises
  • 2003-2010 involved in the Special Priority Program 1144 on hydrothermal systems on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  • Geochemistry of marine precipitates and fluid geochemistry; analytical, experimental and thermodynamic geochemistry
  • Analyses of trace metals in seawater (electrochemical and spectroscopic methods)
  • Environmental projects on contaminants and processes in soil and water
  • National (Univ. Kiel, FU Berlin, Univ. Bremen, MPI Bremen, Univ. Kiel, AWI Bremerhaven, TU Freiberg, Univ. Hamburg, JKI Braunschweig, and others) and international cooperation (U.S. Geological Survey, Univ. of Otago in New Zealand, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria in Brazil, and others)
  • Exchange programs with partners in Brazil and New Zealand



Teaching Positions:



since 2010Teaching in the Jacobs undergraduate program Integrated Environmental Studies
since 2003Teaching in the Jacobs undergraduate and graduate programs Earth and Space Sciences / Geosciences
Teaching Marine Geoscience courses at FU Berlin
Training course in marine geochemistry for scientists and engineers from Indonesia and Sri Lanka
since 1991
(Co-)Supervision of diploma and doctoral theses
Laboratory courses in analytical geochemistry at TU Clausthal and FU Berlin
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