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Prof. Dr. Raymond O. Wells

Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
Focus Area: Mobility - Mathematics & Logistics
Mathematical Sciences
Mailing Address:

Campus Ring 1
28759 Bremen

Telephone: +49 421 200-4321
Fax: +49 421 200-4333
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, Room 181
Research Interests:

Mathematical physics
Riemannian geometry
Wavelet theory
Mathematical engineering
History of mathematics

Other Information:

Raymond O. WELLS, Jr., received his Ph.D. degree from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University in 1965 and thereafter had a 35-year career as a mathematics professor at Rice University in Houston. He is the recipient of Fulbright, Guggenheim, and Alexander von Humboldt awards, and is a fellow of the AAAS. In 1970-71 and in 1979-80 he was a Visiting Member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, and he was a Visiting Professor at Brandeis, Paris, Oxford, Colorado, and Bremen. From 1998 to 2001 Wells was in Bremen working on the creation of International University Bremen. He was Vice-President for External Affairs and Professor of Mathematics at IUB from 2001-2005. In 2005 was appointed Distinguished Professor of Mathematics. He was the President of the Carl-Schurz Deutsch-Amerikanischer Club in Bremen from 2002-2010. He is currently the President of the Jacobs University Foundation of America, based in Boulder, Colorado, and is a Member of the Board of the Jacobs University Alumni & Friends Stiftung GmbH in Bremen, as well as an Associate Member of the Jacobs University Alumni Association Board of Directors. He has published books in the fields of mathematics, physics, mathematical engineering, and mathematical history; and is the author of more than 100 articles in research journals.


Books Edited and Written by Raymond O. Wells, Jr.

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  21. Differential Analysis on Complex Manifolds (Third Edition), with new Appendix by Oscar Garcia-Prada, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2008 

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Articles written by Raymond O. Wells, Jr.

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