Textbook of Jacobs professor as international standard reference: Japanese edition out now


Since its first publication in 2004 by Oxford University Press, the textbook Behavioral Neurobiology: An integrative Approach by Günther Zupanc, Jacobs Professor of Neurobiology, has established itself as a top-selling standard reference for undergraduate teaching worldwide in the field of neuroethology. Latest proof of the book’s success is the release of its Japanese edition this month by the Tokio Springer publishing house.

[ Mar 05, 2008]  Animals often exhibit intriguing and captivating patterns of behavior, from migration and homing, to communication. But how is this behavior controlled? Günther Zupanc’ textbook introduces undergraduate students and other readers to the fascinating field of neuroethology – the study of the neurobiological processes underlying animal behavior. Written in a lively, easy to read style, and assuming no background knowledge, this book introduces the key concepts and ideas which underpin the subject, and describes many of the key findings that have helped to understand this intricate subject, often including detailed case studies.

Beginning with a look at the history of the study of behavior, from Aristotle to recent breakthroughs and predictions for the future, the book then reviews the ethological and neurobiological concepts that constitute the essential tools of behavioral neurobiology, before moving on to the field of neuroethology. A key feature of the text is the number of excellent learning aids included, such as a summary of key points, exercises and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter. Boxes provide relevant physical and chemical background information as well as additional historical interest by describing the life and work of eminent neuroethologists.

“The text is well organized and well written; the enthusiasm Zupanc has for the subject is readily apparent and helps to keep the reader's attention. This book successfully fills the demand for a current neuroethology text and, in combination with the material on the supplemental web site, will prove invaluable to instructors teaching this emerging field,” The Journal of Experimental Biology reviews the book.


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