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Discover your potential in our Foundation Year

Valid until Batch 2020/Class of 2021!

Jacobs University's academic preparation year gives you the opportunity to find a major that suits your individual interests and goals and prepares you for an international undergraduate education. Explore different study fields, strengthen your academic skills, and advance your English. As a Foundation Year student, you will take Bachelor’s courses taught by inspiring teachers and gain from early involvement in research and practice.

Our program at a glance:

Personalized curriculum based on your individual interests and goals
One-on-one academic advising
Exploration of courses in different disciplines
Preparation for an international undergraduate education
Guaranteed undergraduate admission to Jacobs University after successful completion of the program
Collection and transfer of ECTS credits to undergraduate study program
Excellent private university, top-ranked academic programs
Promising career prospects thanks to strong professor and alumni networks
Unique international environment with students from more than 110 countries
Living and learning on a safe campus



Your academic advisor and the Foundation Year team will help you design a curriculum that matches your personal goals, needs, and interests. The program will include courses of the following areas:


  • Academic English Courses

    Advance your academic English with courses that suit your language level:

    • Academic English
    • Advanced Academic English
    • Advanced Academic English for Scientists and Engineers
    • Reading, Thinking and Writing

  • Personal Development Program

    Enhance your future career and study skills by joining our excellent one-year personal development course to strengthen important skills, e.g. effective team work abilities, communication etiquettes, critical thinking, public speaking, and effective decision making.

  • SAT Training

    Take part in intensive SAT training during your Foundation Year. The Jacobs University is a registered test center. The SAT is an entrance requirement to our many universities worldwide. Students who hold a German Abitur are exempted from taking the test.

  • Mathematics

    Improve your knowledge in mathematics and statistics in our intensive mathematic training. Additionally a tutorial is offered for this course to assist with your questions, home work, and test preparation. Students who pass our mathematics test, which takes place during the first week of the Fall semester, are exempted from taking the Foundations of Mathematics module.

  • Undergraduate Courses

    Participate in all undergraduate classes offered at Jacobs University and explore different fields of study:

    • Mobility
    • Health
    • Diversity

    Learn more about our undergraduate programs here.

  • Subject-related Courses

    Get an impression of various study fields with courses exclusively designed for Foundation Year students to prepare for a future study program in one of these areas:

    • Foundations of Science and Engineering
    • Foundations of Business and Social Sciences
    • Foundations of Psychology

  • Language Courses

    Choose from the following courses to improve your foreign language skills:

    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Mandarin


Jacobs University occupies top places in respected university rankings year after year.

Ever since the university’s first inclusion in this renowned ranking in 2018 for the following year 2019, Jacobs University was able to attain top-results by global comparison. In 2021 it is considered to be one of the best 300 universities worldwide and is ranked most international university in Germany. Jacobs University also scores first place as best private university by German-wide comparison.

In 2021 Jacobs University takes place 27 in a comparison of 475 universities worldwide, that are younger than 50 years. Jacobs steadily improves in ranking by German-wide comparison and reaches an excellent 2nd place in 2021, thereby trumping last year's 3rd place. It reaches first place in the categories “teaching” and “internationality” in 2021.

The University has achieved top results in the international U-Multirank since its inception in 2014.

In Germany’s most comprehensive and detailed university ranking by the Center for Higher Education (CHE) Jacobs University has also been highly successful every year since its first participation in 2005.

We train the leaders of tomorrow!

Jacobs University offers outstanding career prospects. Our graduates earn reputable positions in multinational companies around the world, in fields such as IT, consulting, higher education, research, finance, engineering, logistics, and health care. Many alumni also choose to pursue further studies at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, while others meet the global challenges of our time by founding their own start-ups.

95% of our graduates are employed or pursuing graduates studies
Top 10 employers of our graduates: Google, Microsoft, Roche, KPMG, Accenture, Daimler, Barry Callebaut, SAP, Amazon, McKinsey
40 start-ups worldwide created by our Alumni

What our Foundation Year students say

Meet some of our Foundation Year graduates

Living on campus allows you to experience the beauty of different cultures. I have made friends with students from all over the world.

Darlina Mamaqi - Albania

The classes are small, our instructors take care of each individual student and help us out if we struggle with the material.

Oleg Borisov - Russia

Gaining insights into an institution like Jacobs University and taking courses from many disciplines has helped me to find myself and to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Emily Waller - Germany

The program allowed me to get to know my strengths and my weaknesses and to recognize my potential.

Göksenin Cakir - Turkey

We are integrated into everyday university life and get a good insight into the life of the students and into the various subjects. It’s now much clearer to me what I want.

Elias Bosch - Germany

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