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Full funding options available at Germany’s #1 private University


Financing your bachelor studies has never been easier!

Constructor University is the top-ranked private university in Germany by THE Ranking. Each year we welcome talented students from all over the world and reward their excellence with several of financing options to help cover tuition fees, up to the total amount. Scholarships, grants, and tuition deferrals allow everyone the opportunity to study at Constructor University. It's your potential that matters!


Your personalized financing offer may consist of:


✔ We award academic achievement scholarships based on your school grade point average (GPA) of up to € 8,000.
✔ As an EU student, you are eligible for a minimum guaranteed scholarship of € 4,000.

Tuition Deferral Program

✔ In cooperation with our partner, Brain Capital, deferral of up to 100% of the remaining tuition fees is calculated automatically.
✔ You only start repaying the deferred tuition fees once you successfully entered the job market and have reached a predefined minimum income.

Scholarships + Tuition Deferral might cover up to 100% of the tuition fees!
No need for a separate application: you will be informed about the scholarship and deferral amount immediately following admission.




As a private, non-profit, English-speaking university offering the highest standards in research and teaching, Constructor University attracts highly talented and open-minded students from all over the world who live together on our beautiful green residential campus.

  • Academic Quality

    Classes are small and interactive. Professors follow a transdisciplinary approach, addressing issues from multiple perspectives and acting as personal mentors and academic advisors. Students are actively involved in research from their first year of study.

  • International Outlook

    With more than 110 nations represented on Germany’s most international campus, students live and learn among a melting pot of ideas and viewpoints, providing an experience that uncovers new passions and broadens perspective, preparing them for a globalized world.

  • Personal Development

    Our students graduate with self-competence and social skills able to take responsibility for a sustainable and peaceful future of humanity. The diversity encountered during their education prepares them to participate within diverse cultures and global industries.

  • Employability

    Our career services and alumni network open doors to excellent work experience opportunities and extend career prospects. Constructor University graduates are well-appreciated by both German and international organizations and pursue careers in industry, governance, and research.


Want to know the expected funding amount for your undergraduate studies?

Just fill out the form, and we will send you an estimate of your expected funding amount*. It’s that easy! No strings attached, of course!

We will calculate the amount of scholarships and deferral you could receive. Are you an excellent student? See for yourself that financing your studies at our top private university is easier than you would expect!

More questions? We are happy to answer any questions and consult you personally.



*The resulting information is only upon the accuracy of the data you provide. This is not an application for admission or financial aid. The estimated calculation does only include academic achievement scholarships and tuition deferrals. In case 100% of your tuition fees cannot be funded with scholarships and tuition deferrals, applicants can apply for additional need-based funding (grant) following admission.

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If you hold multiple citizenship, please indicate the one that is closest related to your current residence! For example, if you hold Bulgarian and German nationalities, and you are currently living and going to school in Germany, you should indicate Germany.

Our study programs – international & hands-on

  • Mobility

    • Computer Science
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering & Management
    • Robotics and Intelligent Systems
    • Mathematics
  • Health

    • Biochemistry and Cell Biology
    • Chemistry and Biotechnology
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
    • Physics
  • Diversity

    • Global Economics and Management
    • Society, Media and Politics
    • International Business Administration
    • International Relations: Politics & History
    • Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology

Jacobs boasted a diverse and vibrant international community, a comprehensive research-oriented environment, and internship opportunities, which I was eager to learn from. I was also offered an attractive scholarship and a financial aid package that made attending Jacobs feasible.

Nada Hashweh, Palestine

I spent time in the US, so I was not shocked, at that point, by the idea of paying for university. Of course, it is an extra burden, but I received a financial aid package and a scholarship which made it easier. It was the same for everyone else as well!

Fabian Russmann, Germany

Constructor University offered me the highest amount of scholarship and financial aid than the other universities I applied to. From my personal research on the official Constructor University website, I was mostly fascinated by the four colleges. I was eagerly looking forward to becoming an active member of the life on campus.

Aulon Kuqi, Albania

Jacobs was definitely my to-go choice for two reasons: generous scholarship & international community. Once I received my admissions letter, it was a no-brainer to come to Jacobs.

Aman Bhattarai, Nepal