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An Exhibition
created by students,
supported by your donation



The beginning

In the beginning, the place we know today as the Jacobs University Bremen was established as a military base for the Wehrmacht, Germanys WW2 Army. After the war, the Allied forces turned the vacant grounds into a Displaced Persons Camp known then as “Camp Grohn”, making it a temporary home to thousands of World War 2 victims: refugees, former forced laborers, and Prisoners of war.

1950 - 2001

After becoming obsolete in 1950, in 1956 it became army barracks again, this time for the newly founded German Bundeswehr. And finally, in 2001, it was reborn as an international University, a place of education, peace and a mingling point for young people from around the globe.

The exhibition

The planned exhibition “Military base, Displaced Persons’ camp, university - Exploring the past at Jacobs” will show this transformation in extraordinary photographs, documents, diaries, eye-witness interviews, video clips, original items from that time and more. We need your contribution to make this exhibition a reality. By donating to this cause, you help us to show the history of the university’s campus through the times, making it a memorial to its eventful transformation from a symbol of war to one of peace and understanding, keeping the memory alive for future generations of students and visitors.

Your donation will be used to acquire and secure pieces of historical importance for the permanent exhibition on Campus, to produce displays and other exhibits as well as to create a virtual duplicate of the physical exhibition, so it can be viewed around the world. The necessary research is done by students of the Jacobs University Bremen under guidance by historian Dr. Rüdiger Ritter



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