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Art FEST 2022



Art Fest

Art Fest is a student-organized art exhibition that celebrates the diversity and creativity of students from all over the world and talented artists from Bremen, Lower Saxony, and Hamburg.

Art Fest celebrates art in all its forms, including; paintings, photographs, films, theater pieces, poetry, musical performances and much more. In 2019, under the theme “A Palette of Emotions,” we showcased more than 170 masterpieces, from 33 students and 29 external artists, with the participation of 30 student performances and 8 art-related clubs.

Art Fest 2022 will take place both online and in-person. The in-person event will happen on April 1st and 2nd at Jacobs University Bremen.

This year’s exhibition is curated by the theme: “Continuum – Traces of Life in the Hands of Time”. With this theme, we hope to explore the impact of time in our lives, how different aspects of life are related to time and how time brings unforeseen changes that motivate us to lead meaningful lives. The theme is divided into 3 subtopics: Humanity, Innovation, and Perception.

Our organizing team aims to continue inspiring and supporting students and local artists. For Art Fest 2022 we already have over 100 submissions from over 80 local artists and international students. We need your further support to make sure we can take our exhibition to even greater heights.

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For questions regarding Art Fest or this related donation site please contact

Anastasia Skyrzhadlovska & Mariajose Gonzalez
Art Fest Main Organizers 2022

E-mail: a.skyrzhadlovska [at] / m.gonzalez [at]