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Intercultural Competence


The success of modern corporations as well as state-owned organizations is largely dependent on the ability of the associated managers to lead diverse workforces, with significant differences in their origins, characteristics, knowledge and capabilities. Diversity has to be managed well for its benefits to be teased out and this is especially true in the business world. Tailored knowledge on how to make use of diversity related challenges and turn them into an asset is the basis of this workshop on Cultural Competence and Diversity Management. This course offers interdisciplinary approaches and explicitly takes into account the impact that different cultures as well as workforce diversity have on the leadership outcomes.

Experiencing the positive effects of diversity

During this workshop, the positive effects of diversity, i.e. greater productivity, enhanced group dynamics and improved work satisfaction, will be experienced, discussed and promoted through the adoption of relevant competencies and knowledge. The program will provide different foundations on the topic of diversity and will ultimately equip each delegate to be effective in a culturally diverse environment. Particular emphasis is given to the effective management of diverse teams and multicultural workforces.


Training will take place through Input Sessions involving classical talks delivered by experts in the field. Campus warm-up activities will serve as cultural training appetizers, while Joint Activities and the Lunch roundtable will also add fun to the learning experience. There may also be an optional language training by certified teachers and instructors.

The Workshop Addresses

  • Employees in Diversity Management, e.g., doing Recruitment, Onboarding
  • Diversity/ Intercultural Office Management, conducting Exit Interviews
  • Line managers in all levels, employees in HR departments, consultants
  • Trainers who would like to provide own Diversity Management Trainings in the future are welcome to book our matching Train the trainer Seminar.


Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke, Shu Ling Tan, Dr. Amanda Whittal

Learning Goals and Activities

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about intercultural competence training, which is a central component of the educational experience at Jacobs University and beyond
  • Benefit from academic exchange on cultural matters through input sessions and extracurricular activities
  • Be equipped with the strong foundation on the topic of diversity, enabling each participant to be effective in a culturally diverse environment

Your Gains

By the end of workshop you will have:

  • Gained a broadened awareness of diversity and cultural competence, allowing you to communicate effectively
  • Learned how to grow in productivity and efficiency in culturally diverse environments, and support this in other people such as employees and managers
  • Kept abreast with the rapidly globalizing world
  • Attained a competitive edge in business due to your understanding of diversity and its effective management


  • Increase of creativity and innovation
  • Improvement of employees satisfaction and motivation
  • Recruitment new markets and creation of novel products
  • Development of the own organization to a learning institution


Jacobs University is one of the most diverse universities worldwide, making it the perfect setting to experience diversity as part of intercultural competence experience, diversity appreciation and consciousness raising training. Not only will the workshop be interactive and engaging, but it will incorporate much exchange, exercises, simulations and games to make the experience more rewarding and sustainable.