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Academic Advising Services


Academic Advising Services offers curricular advising and provides straightforward, non-biased student advising to students with curricular challenges. Academic Advising Services also serves as support and communicative link between students, faculty, and registrar services.

Academic Advising Services is involved in the following activities

  • Information on general curricular questions
  • Allocation and change of Academic Advisors
  • Support and review of entry advising
  • Study plan reviews:
    • Major change
    • Minor options
    • Progress reports
  • Advising for extension of studies
  • Study Plan review for application for readmission

General E-mail: AcademicAdvisingServices [at]


The Academic Advising Team


Please feel free to book an appointment for an advising meeting yourself.





Study Program Handbooks

Please click here to download our study program handbooks, the study schemes, and the study and examination plans.