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International Office - Outgoing Students - Frequently asked questions

Outgoing Students

Which universities can I apply to?

Check out our 28 partner universities, including high-ranked ones like University of Pennsylvania, University of Edinburgh or our founding partner Rice University: here.

How does a semester abroad enrich my academic career?

During a semester abroad, you will be able to experience new cultures and solidify your own international professional network with students, professors, staff and everyone else you got to know from your host country. Since we are partnering with many high-ranked universities, you will be able to benefit from the education offered there. A study abroad semester also impresses a lot of employers since it proves your ability to quickly adapt to new environments and is indicative of a broadened scope of mind.

How high is the tuition I need to pay for my host university?

The opportunity to spend a semester at a partner university is included in your tuition at Jacobs University. This means: You still have to pay the tuition at Jacobs University, when you spend a semester abroad, but you do not have to pay any tuition at any of our partner universities.

Do I have to cover all other expenses myself?

You are eligible to receive a partial scholarship depending on your GPA and financial need as long as you send us your form together with your study abroad application.

Will I be able to study abroad at a country which language I do not speak?

Yes. Most of our partner universities offer courses in English, but in case you would like to study in your host country’s language, you need to have a command of the respective language on the B2 level.