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Internationl Office - Incoming Students - Frequently asked questions

Incoming Students

What kind of courses can I select?

As an incoming student, you are free to choose any courses from across majors for which you are academically qualified. With Jacobs Study Abroad Program you can compose your individual study plan that would include courses from your major, from fields of your interest, language courses and unique courses we offer only for study abroad students.

How am I going to be able to explore new countries and cultures during my semester abroad?

Together with all the other incoming students, you have a chance to participate in many exciting study trips for example to Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Helgoland, St. Petersburg, etc. All of them are part of special course offers designed specifically for study abroad students on German Politics and Culture, European Healthcare and Welfare, Bremen Art.

Is there a way I can get involved into German everyday life even though I live on campus?

Yes. As part of our host family program, you can get the unique opportunity to get assigned to a German host family, who enables you to authentically experience German everyday life. If you would like to stay in touch with them even after your semester(s) at Jacobs, you will have lifelong friendships based in Germany.

Does Jacobs University offer any support in finding accommodations?

As an incoming student you do not have to worry about finding a suitable apartment because we have single-rooms with full board reserved for you, so you can just comfortably move in the day you arrive.

How can I find out what fellow students experienced on a study abroad semester at Jacobs?

Read up what other exchange students have to say about their time at Jacobs here.