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The choir

J-Cappella was founded by Martin Noack in 2007, building on a student choir that existed since 2004. Together with the J-Cappella pioneers and Angela Postweiler, J-Cappella’s first professional conductor, he created a space for joyful singing, musical development, and amicable interaction, which is open to all members of the Jacobs University community, i.e. to students, administration, faculty, staff, volunteers, and friends alike. Since Fall 2008, the musical leadership was taken over by Rucsandra Popescu.

J-Cappella regularly performs on campus of Jacobs University for events such as the Opening Ceremony or Graduation Ceremony. Each semester, the choir holds its own concert; in the Fall Semester the Christmas Concert, and in the Spring Semester the Spring Concert. In addition, J-Cappella performs off campus for numerous events; the highlight so far certainly was the performance of Beethoven’s Ninth together with the Philharmonia of Nations and the Brahms Choir of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences at the New Year’s Concert in the Concert Hall “Die Glocke” in 2010. Also noteworthy was the successful participation in the International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music Prague 2012, crowned with 2 Silver diplomas. The repertoire includes international songs from all kinds of different styles.

The choir meets weekly on Monday evenings from 20:00-22:00 in the Interfaith House on campus of Jacobs University. Additionally, each section holds weekly sectionals for one hour, where the voices can individually practice their music. Every semester, the choir organises a rehearsal weekend in a Youth Hostel, where the singers can practice their songs, but also have enough time for social activities. The rehearsals are lead by J-Cappella’s professional conductor, Rucsandra Popescu.

The choir can be hired for performances for local community organisations and is open to support from business, through both sponsorship and advertising. If you are interested in hiring or supporting us, we would very much like to hear from you. Please contact us!


Choir Director

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Since November 2008, the competent musical leadership of J-Cappella lies with Rucsandra Popescu, a choir director and composer who lives in Bremen, but completed her education as a choir conductor at the Music University of Bucharest, Romania, as the best graduating student in 2004.

In February 2012, she received the Konzertexamen Diplom in composition, under the supervision of Prof. Younghi Pagh-Paan, at the Academy of Music in Bremen. She is also an active member of GEDOK Women Artists in Bremen and the Romanian Association of Composers and Musicologists. Her work is performed in Germany, but also in Belgium and Romania by important ensembles such as Ensemble Recherche, Musique Nouvelle, Trio Contraste, Ensemble Neue Flötentöne, Boreas Quartett Bremen and was broadcast in Köln, Bremen and also presented in the Next Generation Program – Donaueschingen.
She won several composition competitions and in 2012 was crowned the winner of the composition competition Landesmusikrat Bremen. She wrote various compositions for the Bremen Philharmonie, Theater and Domsingschule Bremen, the Sing Akademie Hardegsen.

Since 2002, she was the conductor of various projects, orchestras and choirs in Bremen and Oldenburg. As a pianist, she participated in a great number of recitals, auditions and also as an accompaniator (with orchestra) in Romania and Germany.
Between 2015 and 2018 she was the conductor of the JazzChoir of the University of Music and Theater Leipzig. Since Januar 2016 she is the conductor of ensemble d´accord in Bremen and Buchtstrassenchor and since 2017 the conductor of the Popchor of the University of Music Bremen.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for representing the choir’s interest and organising the choir’s activities. All active singers may apply for the offices of the Choir Managers, Section Leaders, and Board Associates.

Choir Managers
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J-Cappella has a diverse repertoire, and sings songs from all kinds of different styles. With Jacobs University being an international university, we also encourage our singers to bring their favourite songs from home to the rehearsals and practice them with us!