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Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann, Managing Director

Contact Information:
Kirsten Mussel
Assistent to the Managing Director
k.mussel [at]
+49 421 200-4103
About Michael Hülsmann, Managing Director and Member of the Executive Board
Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann was appointed as Managing Director in June 2014. Together with the President, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, he forms the Executive Board of Jacobs University.
As Managing Director, Prof. Dr. Michael Hülsmann is responsible for all non-academic fields. He will develop Jacobs University’s strategy together with the President. Both will be jointly responsible for reaching the set economic targets.
Michael Hülsmann’s career is characterized by working in science and industry. After training as an industrial business management assistant, he studied Business Administration and Management (with a focus on Organization, Finance and Banking) obtaining the degree of “Diplom-Kaufmann”. He worked as a research assistant at the University of Bayreuth and the University of Bremen.
In 2002, he wrote his PhD dissertation on „Management im Orientierungsdilemma – Unternehmen zwischen Effizienz und Nachhaltigkeit”. From 2002 to 2009, Prof. Dr. Hülsmann was Junior Professor of Management of Sustainable System Development at the University of Bremen. He was a project manager and member of the board of the Collaborative Research Center “Autonomous Cooperating Logistic Processes – A Paradigm Shift and its Limitations” from 2004 to 2012.
From 2005 to 2009, Prof. Dr. Hülsmann was a member of the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics. In March 2009, Prof. Dr. Hülsmann took over as Professor of Systems Management at Jacobs University mainly focusing on the strategic management of logistics systems.
Since January 2014, Prof. Dr. Hülsmann has been a consultant to the President and as such he has been instrumental in the development of Jacobs University’s restructuring plans.