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Student Life Policies

The Student Life Policies provide the support structures and guidelines which serve to fulfill the overarching mission of the Jacobs Community Standard – the cornerstone document created to ensure that the Jacobs community is a multi-cultural, vibrant, fair, and tolerant community.

The standards set out in the Student Life Policies apply to all undergraduate, graduate, foundation year, and exchange/visiting students enrolled at Jacobs University from the time they arrive on campus until they have graduated, permanently withdrawn, or resigned from the university.

The Student Life Policies have been developed by the Campus Life department in collaboration with the Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student Association, and other departments of Jacobs University. The policies remain in effect throughout the calendar year and are reviewed and updated annually.

The Non-Academic Disciplinary and Judicial System is universal and applies to every one of the

Student Life Policies:

Health and Welfare Policies

Conduct Policies

Residential Policies

University Policies:

Jacobs Community Standard

Underage Students Policy

Anti-Sexual Harassment Code