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Automated, Digital, Connected, Interdisciplinary and Future-relevant

Logistics + Industrie 4.0

Automated, Digital, Connected, Interdisciplinary and Future-relevant


  • Mobility – logistics and Industrie 4.0
  • Automated production processes
  • Supply chain management & risk management in supply chains
  • Networking & coordination
  • Combining engineering with management
  • Internationalisation


Industrie 4.0 will radically change the logistics industry. Digitally connected machines will become increasingly autonomous in planning and executing logistics processes.

Mobility of People, Goods, and Information - Understanding the worldwide flow of people, goods and information requires an interdisciplinary approach.

Jacobs University Mobility Professor Dr. Yilmaz Uygun combines IT, Engineering Science, Logistics and Mathematics to help companies master their future logistics challenges. He specifically addresses manufacturing in mid size companies and logistics service providers and their Industrie 4.0 related logistics topics

Introducing Prof. Dr. Yilmaz Uygun, Professor of Logistics Engineering, Technologies, and Processes

Former Research Affiliate at MIT; Member of VDI Committee „Lean Production Systems“; Deputy Member of Advanced Manufacturing Council in Massachusetts