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Closer cooperation: Young talents at Jacobs University receive new scholarship from the DMK GROUP

April 24, 2015

With immediate effect the Bremen-based DMK Group will be supporting young talents at Jacobs University with a scholarship for international students. Joanna Friedrich, Head of Personnel Development at DMK, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, President of Jacobs University, recently signed a corresponding agreement. Future Bachelor students in Global Economics and Management, International Business Administration, Biochemistry and Cell Biology or Chemistry can apply directly at Jacobs University for the full scholarship which covers a period of three years. The deadline is June 15.

As part of the new program DMK GROUP supports applicants for the Bachelor study programs Global Economics and Management, International Business Administration, Biochemistry and Cell Biology or Chemistry for their entire studies at Jacobs University. The scholarship includes tuition fees as well as costs for room and board on campus.

In addition to their academic studies, the scholarship recipients will complete an internship of several months at DMK and also take part in a mentoring program with a senior member of staff. Furthermore, international students will receive financial support for an intensive course in German. Students will also be directly involved in company events such as team conferences, excursions or industry conferences.

By signing the new scholarship agreement at DMK’s headquarters near the Bremen Airport Jacobs University and the international dairy company are expanding their existing collaboration. The Bremen-based company has been cooperating with Jacobs University for a number of years and recently took part in the first career fair at Jacobs University.

“At the Jacobs Career Fair the students impressed us again with their outstanding education and high motivation. As a company with a large international clientele we are very much interested to get in touch with and recruit highly-qualified young people who also possess a high degree of cultural competence. Jacobs University is a great talent pool for us, which is why we have decided to directly support students with a full scholarship,” says Joanna Friedrich from DMK.

Dr. Phillip Inderhees, Head of Sustainability Management at DMK, adds: “We believe that your background should not define your future, but interest, achievement and motivation should be the main criteria to determine what kind of education young talents are to enjoy. Scholarship recipients can gain highly valuable work experience at our company. We are offering them a great start into professional life. We have therefore defined the implementation of the scholarship program as one of the goals in our DMK 2020 sustainability strategy.”

“We are very happy about the support that our students receive from DMK GROUP. Expanding our cooperation shows our reciprocal interest in collaboration and exchange and also proves that local companies with a global business outlook trust in the excellent education of our students,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, President of Jacobs University.

Prospective students for the Bachelor study programs Global Economics and Management, International Business Administration, Biochemistry and Cell Biology or Chemistry can apply for the DMK scholarship. In addition to the general application requirements they need to provide a letter of motivation demonstrating why they are interested in the agricultural or food industry and the dairy business in particular.

At Jacobs University, Angolwisye Mwakisu from the Admission Team will be answering any questions from applicants in relation to the new scholarship.
Email: admission [at]

About DMK Group
DMK Deutsches Milchkontor is Germany's largest dairy company. DMK is supported by over 9,000 active milk producers and around 7,200 employees. Today, DMK processes 6.7 billion kilograms of milk at 17 dairy plant locations. Another eight locations are available for the production of baby food, ice cream and health products. With brands like MILRAM, Ravensberger, Osterland, Oldenburger, Humana, Intact, Leben’s, Biolabor, hansal and NORMI, DMK is an established entity for trade and consumers in Germany as well as around 100 other countries in the world. With a turnover of 5.3 billion euros, the company is one of Europe’s leading dairy industry enterprises.
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