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The corona pandemic and society’s values: Bonfire Talk at Universum® Bremen

Source: Vladimir Zhoga/


17. September 2020

Is the corona pandemic causing value change in society? Are there country-specific differences? An interdisciplinary team at Jacobs University Bremen is doing research to find answers to these important current questions. As part of the German-speaking Bonfire Talk at Universum® Bremen on 24 September, they will give insights into their research project. Admission is free.

In a representative online survey, more than 4,000 German and British participants between the ages of 18 and 74 were asked about their values, political and social attitudes and their fears during the lockdown phase of the corona pandemic.

Two further surveys with the same participants are planned: The next survey is scheduled to take place at the end of this year and the final survey will be conducted once a reliable vaccine is available.

The results of the first round of questions are already available. On Thursday, 24 September, the Jacobs University team consisting of the political scientist Franziska Deutsch and the psychologists Ulrich Kühnen and Klaus Boehnke will share their insights in a scientific talk at the Universum® Bremen.

The free science event is part of the series „Lagerfeuer-Gespräche am Universum® Bremen“ (Bonfire Talks at Universum® Bremen). It will take place in the outdoor area of the Universum® (but inside in case of rain).

The number of participants is limited in order to comply with all necessary distance and hygiene regulations. Therefore, a prior telephone registration is required (0421-33 46-0).