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How do I become a psychologist? Invitation to a workshop at Jacobs University

Workshop Psychologin/Psychologe sein im Jahr 2020


March 09, 2017

Bachelor students interested in the professional field of psychology should make a note of March 24th. Under the motto “Being a psychologist in the year 2020” Jacobs University in Bremen is offering a free workshop that day, held in german language. The number of participants is limited; registration ends March 22th.

The participants can look forward to an exciting and varied program. In a scenario workshop, they will work together with experts to develop a picture of what it means to be a psychologist at the start of the new decade. The workshop will address the challenges and opportunities awaiting future graduates in the field.

Professors at the international university in Bremen-North will provide information on how students can get accepted for the master degree program in psychology, which areas of specialization there are, and what the program at Jacobs University has to offer. After the workshop, there will be an opportunity to discuss direct admission to the bilingual master degree program in psychology, held in German and English language. After being accepted, the participants will have the opportunity to apply for a stipend in the amount of € 2,500.


Additional information and registration at:

Questions will be answered by:
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kühnen | Professor of Psychology
Msc-psychologie [at] | Tel.: +49 421 200-4211

Thomas Joppig | Brand Management, Marketing & Communications
t.joppig [at] | Tel.: +49 421 200-4504