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One day before the test: Jacobs doctoral candidate holds classic concert on campus

Interfaith House of Jacobs University

May 15, 2017

His passion is science – and classical music. One day before his final exam as Doctor of Chemistry, in which he will defend his dissertation orally, Wassim W. Ayass will hold a concert at the Interfaith House of Jacobs University on Sunday, May 21st at 8:00 p.m. The title of the evening, during which the baritone will sing works by Strauss, Liszt, and Rossini, among others, is a reflection of his upcoming exam: “May Music Defend me.”
Admission is free.

“When I’m doing research in the lab, I forget my life. When I’m on stage singing, I also forget myself,” says Wassim W. Ayass, who grew up in Lebanon. Three years ago, he began his doctorate at Jacobs University in the working group of Professor Ulrich Kortz. At the same time, he took private singing lessons from Matthias Gerchen (bass), sang for a time in the Lesum Church Choir, and held various concerts.

Just as science is a joint enterprise involving many people, it’s the same with music. At Jacobs University, the baritone met Annette Shuqing Zhao, who studied piano in Shanghai and will accompany him at the concert. In Bremen, Ayass also came into contact with Jörg Assmann, the Director of Camerata Instrumentale, the orchestra of the Bremen School of Music, which practices on campus and will also accompany him. The evening with songs and arias will probably be his farewell concert. Wassim W. Ayass has decided upon a career in science. But his dream remains to be an opera singer.

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