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Summer programs for leading young mathematicians in the USA – three students from Jacobs University Bremen are participating

Summer Programs
Enthusiastic about math: Benedikt Stock, Malte Haßler, Prabhat Devkota and their professor Sören Petrat (from left to right) (Source: Jacobs University)


June 18, 2019

One might imagine them as a training camp where like-minded people from all over the world come together to work on highly complex topics and inspire each other. Access to these camps is limited, only the best of the best can participate. Three mathematics students from Jacobs University Bremen are part of this group. Benedikt Stock, Malte Haßler, and Prabhat Devkota are currently participating in very special summer programs at renowned universities in the USA.
"These three are exceptional talents," says Prof. Dr. Sören Petrat, mathematics professor at Jacobs University, who supported his students in their applications. Benedikt Stock, who, like Malte Haßler, has won several awards in the "Jugend forscht" competition, was attracted to the Summer School of Carnegie Mellon University, a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The content is about logic in mathematics. "The Summer School allows me to meet exciting people who share my enthusiasm for logic. I hope to learn more about logic and applications in philosophy. Also, to see if it's something I want to specialize in in the future," says Benedikt.
Malte Haßler, who attended the Gymnasium Horn in Bremen, is also interested in having an exciting time, making new contacts and getting impulses for future projects. He is completing an eight-week research internship at Cornell University, one of the famous Ivy League universities. His professor is a luminary in his field: Robert Strichartz, who gave his name to the Strichartz inequality that Sören Petrat uses for his own research.
Prabhat Devkota from Nepal visits the Park City Mathematics Institute in Utah. There, the Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, probably the most renowned institute in the field of mathematics and theoretical physics worldwide, organized an undergraduate summer school. "For me, the summer school is an opportunity to familiarize myself with mathematical topics that are not normally part of the curriculum," Prabhat says. "I hope it will help me to focus my interests on a specific area of mathematics and to initiate further research projects.
While Benedikt Stock will spend a semester abroad at Carnegie Mellon University, Malte and Prabhat will return to Jacobs University in September. In the coming year, the trio will jointly complete their Bachelor's degree, and then they will continue their studies with a Master's degree or doctorate. A possible place to continue their studies for all three: the USA.

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