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Young professionals: 400 interns from Jacobs University

Starting this year, a two-month internship is mandatory for all bachelor students at Jacobs University. (Source: fizkes/


February 18, 2021
Gaining practical experience is an important part of studying at Jacobs University. The option for an internship has therefore long been firmly established in the curriculum. Now this successful model is being further expanded: Starting this year, a two-month internship is mandatory for all bachelor students. This benefits not only the students at the English-speaking campus university, but also companies, such as the Bremen-based food startup CheWOW.

Federico Krader and Marlo Kockerols founded the startup CheWOW in Bremen, formerly known as Bold Foods. Since 2018, the food manufacturer has been offering regional, sustainable and purely plant-based products that can be found at supermarkets, such as Rewe or Edeka.

“As a young team, we work a lot with interns," Kockerols said. "Just recently, a student from Jacobs University did an internship with us. He really enriched our team and was able to gain a lot of practical insights into the professional world at the same time," Krader added. The internship was a win-win for both sides.

In times of the pandemic, CheWOW also offers internships via home office, like other Bremen-based companies with which Jacobs University has internship agreements. From June to the end of August 2021, around 400 students from all bachelor's degree programs at Jacobs University will complete an internship. All of them are second-year students and highly motivated to gain new experience while being able to apply their knowledge in projects.

Christin Klähn is Career Services Coordinator at Jacobs University. She brings together interested institutions and students for an internship. (Source: Jacobs University)

"Our students have qualities that are very attractive to companies, research institutions, or other organizations," emphasized Christin Klähn, Career Services Coordinator at Jacobs University. "They have intercultural skills, receive interdisciplinary training, are English-speaking, and are accustomed to approaching topics constructively and in a solution-oriented manner." Often, the initial contact during an internship even develops into a long-term employment contract, after the students successfully completed their studies at Jacobs University. “We are of course happy to advise interested institutions that would like to offer internships and positions for recent graduates to our international students about our wide range of options," Klähn said.

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