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Registrar Services

We are here to assist students with course administration, enrollment verification, help maintain academic records, transcripts and many other services.   

Registrar Services, Reimar Lüst Hall, Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen, Germany

 +49 421 200 4229

 registrar [at]

Academic Calendar


Requests via Campusnet

For current students with active Campusnet accounts, please log in and use the 'My Requests' function.  If you are a former student please contact us at registrar [at]  Overall a total of 15 copies of documents issued by Registrar Services are free of charge, after that every additional document is 5€. To transfer the amount please use the information here university’s bank account and include a confirmation of the payment with your email request.



Usage of German Certificates Abroad


Forms to Download

Due to Corona we encourage students to download and complete the forms, and submit them electronically via registrar [at]

  • Exemption from Pre- or Co- Requisite Requirements
    If you do not meet the pre- or co-requisite, the Instructor of Record may in some cases exempt you from this requirement. If so, please submit this application no later than the last day of the drop/add period

  • Exceptional Course Replacement
    Reasons you may qualify you for an exceptional course replacement: 

    -One of your mandatory course(s) is not offered anymore 

    - You have changed your major and would like to replace some of your mandatory courses

  • Further Courses
    All students may request to join classes outside their major out of their personal interest. These classes will show up on their transcript under "Further Courses" with a grade

  • Changing the Function of a Course
    If you have discussed with your Academic Advisor and the Study Program Chair of your major that you may exceptionally assign a new function to a course within your study rule. The application must be handed in during the semester in which the course that will acquire a new function is offered

  • Pass Option



    Student may request for the grade of one passed module to be excluded from the GPA calculation and to be replaced with a 'P' Pass on their transcript

  • Transfer Credits
    Transfer Credits applications shall be submitted no later than the end of the first semester spent at Jacobs University

  • Advanced Placement Credits
    AP credit may be awarded for academic skills acquired outside of formal university-level coursework. All applications must be submitted during the student's first semester at Jacobs University

  • Independent Study Course
    This form must be accompanied by a syllabus or work plan

  • For Underage Students

    Parental Release Form

    Excursion Questionnaire