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Exam Schedule

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Withdraw from an Exam

Students can now apply to withdraw from an examination via 'My Requests' on Campusnet.  Please download the instructions here to find out how.


Examination Timelines

Please find here some general information about the semester assessment timelines, i.e. when modules are expected to be examined/assessed and graded.

Each examination/assessment generally has two completion deadlines per semester. For Fall semester modules, the first deadline is generally in December and the second one in January. This means that a student who fails or misses an examination in December has got their next opportunity in January. If you fail or miss the examination in January as well, your next opportunity is generally the following December after the classes for this module/module component have taken place again.
For Spring semester modules, the examinations are in May and August.

Students who still have a module from a previous semester incomplete/failed are automatically registered with an audit status to the corresponding class in the next applicable semester. Please note that this audit registration is intended to help you prepare for the examination. It gives you access to the course material via campusnet and to the lectures that you are welcome to attend. Whether you use this access is up to you. You have the right (and obligation) to complete the module by sitting the examination either way. Retake audit registrations for language modules are not done automatically, due to the participant limit in those courses, but are still possible upon request. Please contact the Registrar Services office for support during the initial registration period if you wish to be added as a retake auditor to a language course.

You are always expected to sit any examination you still need to take the next time it is offered. An absence is regarded as one failed attempt out of your total three attempts. This also holds true for submission deadlines of other module examinations such as term papers. If you cannot attend an examination/submit work due to illness, family emergency, internship, leave of absence, clashing academic obligations etc., you can of course be officially excused.

Written and Oral Examinations are planned centrally. You can find the dates in the published Final Examination Schedule on Teamwork or on campusnet. The last day of the examination period is also the final deadline for any other work you may have outstanding (such as term papers), unless your instructor sets an earlier deadline.

For modules/module components that are graded with assessments other than written or oral examinations, some special guidelines apply:

For Lab Reports and Projects, there is generally only one assessment and grading deadline per semester. This is because it is usually not possible to submit a second lab report without re-doing the practical lab work. Students are expected to submit their lab reports/projects in December/May, but nothing further is expected from you in January or August. If a student fails the lab report assessment due to poor practical results, your next opportunity is in the following year after having retaken the practical lab. In case only a resubmission of your work is needed, this can still be possible in January/August.

Regarding Term Papers, the two regular assessment deadlines per semester apply, with the second one being a resubmission of the same paper (in the case of a failing grade). If this is missed or failed as well and the student submits their paper in a later semester, they need to choose a new topic.

Regarding (Poster-)Presentations, it depends on the module specifics whether make-up opportunities for presentations can be offered. If an opportunity is offered, a slight change of the exam format is sometimes necessary – for example presenting to the course instructor one-on-one via videochat instead of presenting in front of the class. If no make-up opportunity can be offered in the same semester, the student can make up for the missing presentation the following year.

For each examination/assessment, the course instructors are expected to submit their grades to administration by the next following grade submission deadline (see the Academic Calendar for the exact dates). Please bear in mind that instructors sometimes cannot submit their grades on time for various reasons, and please also account for 1-2 days of processing time on the side of Registrar Services. It is of course also possible that you receive your grades long before the deadline.


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