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Research & Transfer to Build Bridges between Science and Business

Research & Transfer

Research & Transfer to Build Bridges between Science and Business

Jacobs University offers companies from medium-size to large corporate business units several options for joint development, research cooperation and knowledge transfer. We help companies like Statex save costs, develop marketable technology solutions and get access to leading edge research by outsourcing R+D projects.

Interdisciplinary excellence for your R+D project

Utilize our interdisciplinary know-how and innovative research centers to reach your specific goals: At Jacobs University scientists of different disciplines and research areas work together in highly-innovative research centers. We cooperate with more than 1,000 partners in science and business worldwide to give companies with limited resources and capacities access to leading edge research and knowledge.

We thereby offer your company three options for joint research + technology transfer

  1. R+D joint development project: cooperating on the development of a new product, process or technology
  2. Licensing: you would like to market a technology developed by us
  3. International Research Programs: we include your company in BMBF or EU research programs

How you benefit from working with us:

  • Access to the latest in research results and innovation
  • Individual project definition and execution based on your requirements, objectives, budget and timeline
  • Outsoucing R+D at significantly reduced costs compared to internal development – infrastructure savings
  • Advantages in recruitment through contacts with first class graduates
  • Entrepreneurial reputation through the promotion of socially relevant top research



Please contact us for a detailed discussion on your specific project or demand:
Ronald Kieschnick
Head of Research and Transfer
+49 421 200-4515
r.kieschnick [at]