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Returning & Transfer Students FAQ for the Fall 2020 Semester

Our campus location in Bremen, Germany has been extremely fortunate, as the measures and policies introduced have proven effective and maintained the rate of COVID-19 infections very low. Therefore, we are happy to confirm that our Fall 2020 semester will start as planned, on September 1, 2020. All our returning students are expected to be on campus for the start of the term.


When will the Fall 2020 Semester start?

Classes will begin as usual on September 1 and returning students are expected to arrive on Campus in time.

Will teaching be in-person or online or hybrid?

The default teaching mode for returning students will be in situ, i.e. in-person teaching. However, it is expected that faculty will put to good use their recently acquired or enhanced experience and insight into online teaching and learning interventions, and will complement their in situ activities.

Why is teaching for returning students not offered in a hybrid way?

Jacobs University is a campus university and is designed to provide students with on-site instruction. This is an important part of our study experience, which will be continued in Bremen-Nord in fall term 2020. We have exceptionally chosen to offer online teaching to freshmen for an initial period because it is currently impossible for newly arriving students from certain countries to obtain visas for September 1; however, for those who manage to get to the campus we will also be offering in-person academic support and activities.

Will courses be safe?

Yes, we will organize safe teaching. The room occupancy will comply with the Covid-19 specifications (e.g., we will use large rooms in the ICC and the SCC). If necessary, student densities in the teaching venues may be reduced - e.g., by a rotational approach to the use of lecture venues. For more information, please refer to the “Guidelines for teaching”.

What is Jacobs University doing to remain the right choice for me during these challenging times?

While these are difficult times, the university is and will remain an inspiring place. Professors will maintain high academic standards while making students feel supported. Students will still get early research opportunities. And you will still feel like an important part of a tight-knit campus community of friends and support staff from around the world.


When should I arrive?

Returning students are expected to arrive in time for the start of the fall term 2020. Returning students who have a running housing contract for the Fall Semester 2020 can move into their rooms starting from Saturday, August 22nd (pick up keys from Main Gate) to be able to participate in the August examinations.

NEW: Students with examinations on August 24th and/or 25th may arrive already on August 20th so that the Covid-19 test result is available in time for the examination, if applicable.

What if I cannot book a flight to return due to restriction in air travel?

If it is impossible for a student to return to Campus in time for examinations or for the start of the fall term due to restrictions in air travel students should address to the Student Service Center for advise ( ). Possible options are official excuses for examinations or module achievements (proof necessary) or a leave of absence for fall 2020.

Can I return back on campus if I have valid residence permit, visa or if I come from a visa-free country?

Yes, as of July 1st, students whose presence is required on campus as well as anyone holding a residence permit for Germany can enter Germany. If you require a letter that presence is required on Campus, please contact

COVID-19 Protective Measures

What procedures will be in place to prevent the spread of infection?

Jacob’s University’s primary commitment, besides offering a first-class education, is to keep its community safe and healthy.
Jacobs University has a coronavirus task force in which members of all areas of the university are represented. The Managing Director and the Head of Campus Security are leading this task force, which meets on a regular basis, monitors available data and all developments with regards to the virus, decides on further measures and prepares their implementation. This includes gathering information and recommendations from the "World Health Organization", the "Robert Koch Institute", one of the most important bodies for the safeguarding of public health in Germany, and the "Gesundheitsamt Bremen” (Bremen’s Health Office).

COVID-19 Testing and Quarantine

For all related questions please see the GENERAL FAQ ON ENTERING GERMANY FROM A HIGH RISK COUNTRY.