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Welcome to Jacobs University

Congratulations on your admission to Jacobs University Bremen! We are thrilled to have you here soon.

This page is dedicated to supporting you in your preparation for arrival and study at Jacobs University Bremen.

We’ve tried to comply information about the most important steps of preparation: starting with questions concerning visas, health insurance, and pre-arrival to your arrival in Bremen. Students following the advice and preparation steps outlined here may be confident that they will do what needs to be done on time and in an appropriate manner.

In addition, take a look at our blog to browse through many articles, some prepared by Jacobs University Bremen staff, some prepared by students. They offer useful information on many topics of importance for students’ stay in Bremen and Germany. These articles describe everyday and university life, offer information about Germany and the city of Bremen, and useful hints for living in the new cultural environment.

You should start your preparation by checking if you need a visa for Germany or not. You can easily do this with our Visa Information System. If you need a visa, please take care of this as soon as possible, because the process might take long.

As a student in Germany, you will need to have a proper health insurance at all times. For the vast majority of you, this means to insure with a German public insurance. You can read more about the Health Insurance or even Apply for it now prior to arrival.

Do you wonder how is life on Campus, in Bremen or in Germany? Well, wonder no more and visit our Admission Blog with insights from stuff and students.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us either via e-mail or through the contact form:

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