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Extension of Studies


General Information

Students who will not be able to finish their studies within six semesters for undergraduates or four semesters for graduates must formally apply for an extension of studies. The application must include:

  • Application form (“Application for Extension of Undergraduate/Graduate Studies”), including an explanatory statement explaining why the student was unable to finish the studies within the given time. If applicable, students are required to bring proof (e.g. in cases of illness, personal emergencies, etc.)
  • A detailed study plan discussed with the Academic Advisor and the Study Program Chair of the student's major. The study plan may set conditions on the student's Extension program performance such as minimum credit requirements and the passing of mandatory courses for which no equivalent substitute is offered in the following semester.
  •  An amended or new Study contract signed by the student, president and procurist.

The application must be handed in at the Registrar’s Office by no later than April 15 for the following Fall Semester and by no later than November 15 for the following Spring Semester. Only complete applications will be accepted. Only students who are in their last semester may apply for an additional semester. In general, students will not receive financial aid during their extension.

The application will be discussed and decided upon by the responsible Dean, the student’s Academic Advisor, the Study Program Chair, Academic Advising Services, Registrar Services, and Student Financial Services. Approval of extension of studies is always conditional upon successful completion of the goals for the additional semester if set forth in the study plan. In particular, a student missing more than 40 ECTS credits after his/her sixth semester will need to apply for more than one additional semester. Conditional approval may be granted for an additional semester, in which case the student should be missing no more than 80 ECTS credits after the sixth and 40 ECTS credits after the seventh semester.


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Academic Advising Contact Information

  • Dr. Doris Mosbach
    Academic Advising Coordinator
    Academic Services | Academic Advising Services
    d.mosbach [at]
    Reimar Lüst Hall, 142
    Office Hours: 

    Tue 15:00 p.m. -16:30 p.m.
    Wed 11:15 a.m. -13:00 p.m.
    Thu 13:30 p.m. -15:30 p.m.

  • Nina Abo Alatta
    Academic Management Coordinator
    Academic Services | Academic Advising Services
    n.aboalatta [at]
    Reimar Lüst Hall, 261



Extension of Studies for Resident Permit Purposes

If you are about to finish your studies, but need some extra time after your last semester to take an examination, make-up exam, or submit your thesis you can apply for a temporary extension. With this option you can also apply for extension of your resident permit at the BSU.

Online Form for Extension of Studies