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Mealplan Policy


Basic Terms and Conditions

Jacobs University has a Room and Board rate which is mandatory for Undergraduate Students. The fee includes not only rent for rooms in the Colleges and meals at the serveries but also a whole variety of other services like the common areas and kitchens, the TV’s and entertainment toys, parts of the sports facilities (tennis and volleyball courts, soccer fields).

A main part of the package is meant for the board: Jacobs University Bremen guarantees a board for the students living on campus with breakfast, lunch, and dinner in up to 4 serveries.



A daily amount of 12.66 Euro is loaded onto each registered Campus Card every night. On the first day of the mealplan (first day of Orientation Week for incoming students, three days before the beginning of classes for returning students) a starting balance of 88.62 Euro (7 days x 12.66 Euro) is loaded on each registered Campus Card. The automatic daily upload will stop one week before Graduation for graduating students, one week before the day after the Final Examination Schedule has ended for non-graduating students. The start amount can then be used for the last week of the semester. For students who are registered for a summer stay the mealplan continues even after the given end dates.

Every time a student buys food or beverages in the serveries the system subtracts the according amount.

The highest possible amount on the Campus Cards is the balance of 177.24 Euro – it is not possible to get a higher balance on the Mealplan Account. Every night there is a loading of 12.66 Euro and a cutting if the amount is higher than 177.24 Euro. The mealplan balance is totally cleared by the end of July. If a student is approved to go off mealplan (e.g. for health reasons), the mealplan balance is cleared in the night after the mealplan has ended.